Friday, 30 November 2007

Not going to make it this month

Just started the second sock, so not going to be finished in time. First month since joining that I've not had them done before the deadline, but put too many other things first this month, then couldn't find my pattern when I wanted it.
Should be finished soon, though.

Rumpled RIpples Finished

I really tried to make the Ripples, but since I skimmed the chart, I left out vital info! Nonetheless, I finished my toe-up, knee-high version last night. You can see a bit more at my site! I will one day make a real Ripples sock, but for now, I look forward to December's!

I'm new here.. Nice to meet you all...

I just joined and wanted to say "Hey!". I'm fairly new to socks but I'm kind of under the thought that if I don't know it ask and learn it and just take it all in one stitch at a time.

I've got 4 kids 3 1/2 years old and younger and I'm a SAHM and yet I can never find enough time to knit. :D Other than that, I'm on Ravelry as bhuidhe and I'm fairly active on the Sock Knitters Anonymous Group or SKA for short.

Please feel free to drop me a note anytime either here or there.

Waving hello

Thanks so much for letting me join in. I can't wait to get my December pattern and get started!

Spiralling finished!

I finally finished the September (I think) pattern, Spiralling. Come to my blog to read about it: Knitting Niche.

Ripples for November

My socks have been close 3 times, but it is not to be by the end of this month. The first were too snug, wouldn't go over the heel. The second were as big as the first were small! Now the third are at the heel and doing better; but to be complete by tomorrow nite is not happening, I am afraid. Will continue to persevere, but it is not looking good. I can see that lots of others have done beautifully and I am quite jealous. Maybe December will be better.

Just dropping in

to say 'Hello'. I'm looking forward to my first pattern.

November Drawing -- Sunday, December 2nd

The end of November is already here and only 22 completed Ripples socks have been posted to the blog. Are there more to be added?
The list will be finalized on Saturday, December 1st at 6:00 pm (US eastern standard time) and turned over to Anni for the drawing on the 2nd. You still have a little time left to complete your socks and post them to the blog. So grab those needles and keep on knitting. It would be nice to see at least 50 pair completed and posted by tomorrow afternoon.

Done in the nick of time!

Finally got these done. It was a slow knit for me with lots of frogging and starting again because I am new to lace knitting. Have enjoyed the challenge though. I used Jaegar Matchmaker 4 ply merino for this pair in a dusky pale blue.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

In the Naughty Corner

My first Ripples sock has been in the naughty corner for a bit over a week now, but I am pulling it out tonight to give it another go. Obviously I will not be meeting the deadline! :-)

I started the leg ages ago and flew through it. I love the pattern, and the yarn I've been using, Posh Lei, is scrummy:

I merrily knit along, finished the heel flap, and was onto the foot. I decided to knit the foot in stockinette as I like a plain foot sometimes in my boots. When I got about halfway done the foot I decided to try them on. It's hard to see in the picture, but most of the sock fits great. However, there is one row right at the ankle that is really, really tight:

I described the problem on Ravelry, although I don't think I explained myself very well. I received a lot of great suggestions, although most would result in a bigger foot, and since the foot itself isn't too tight, I didn't really want to try that. After some reflecting, I have ripped out the foot and the heel and am currently picking the leg stitches back up. I'm going to knit a couple of extra rows of stockinette before I start the heel. Then I'll see where I am, and possibly knit a longer heel flap and pick up more stitches for the gusset if needed--but I think it may not be, since it was just that one row that was tight.

Anyway, I do love the pattern, and I WILL finish them and post the final photos here someday soon, I hope. :-) And I really love seeing everyone else's. It's fun to see how different they all look depending on the yarn, toe-up v. toe-down, and other personal interpretations and touches!

Sockaholic's Ripple Socks

These were knit in Opal handpainted and aren’t really as bright as they appear in the picture

*posting on behalf of Sockaholic*

Silent Observer

I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I've been silently observing things lately as I just don't have time to knit the monthly socks with my huge holiday knitting deadlines (that I fear I may not even hit!).

Everyone's socks look fantastic though! I'm hoping I can jump back in with the December socks.
Have a great day everyone!

Toasty Toes...

Ripples are done...and for some reason these were a slow knit...but here they are...beautiful pattern...
Yarn: Silja Superwash from Gjestal, colour 347, 80%superwash wool, 20% nylon, 50gr=ca.150m. I needed 120 grams, as the legs are really long.
Knitted on 2.5mm dpn's. Started Nov.11th, done Nov.27th. A bit on the small side for me, but I think they will fit my sister.
Thanks, Anni, for another great pattern:-)

Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Hello to everybody and thank-you for the invite. I can't wait to see the sock pattern for December and look forward to sharing my knitting progress with you all.

November Ripples

It looks like I am not going to be able to finish my socks this month. It is a beautiful pattern and I thank Anni for her every kindness, but life has just gotten in the way this month, and possibly next month too. I am here, and looking at everyone else's beautiful photos of their socks, and I will get caught up later. God Bless us everyone!

thanks for the invitation :)
I'm looking forward to the december pattern.


Finished Ripples

I had doubts earlier today that I would get these finished on time, but here they are, at last.
I loved this pattern! Definitely one I will make again. The yarn colours are gorgeous and although I don't normally mix a varigated with a lace pattern, I like that the yarn "talked me into it" :).


Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Pink Ripples for November

I am not fond of pink. However, I really like this "Tofutsies" color! These will be a Christmas present for my daughter--who LOVES pink. I made one alteration and that was to work a reinforced heal. Thanks Anni for a great pattern! This is my new "most favorite sock pattern" and I will definately be making a pair for me!

Hello from Norway

Just joined, and have finished the Nowembersock. I love the yarn and I really enjyed knitting that pattern. And this pair were for me.
Looking forward to the Decemberpackage now.I tried to upload a photo, but that didn't go so well.
I may try to upload it later.

Im in!

Thank you for my invitation to join in the Sockamania fun, cant wait to receive my first pattern

Thrilled to be part of group!

Thank you so much for the invitation to join this group.....I am so excited. I usually just knit plain socks with worsted or sport weight yarn so this will definitely get me out of my bubble. I am knitting a pair of Monkey socks using fingering wt yarn so I will be ready for the December sock.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Dorene's Ripples Socks Done

Obligatory Stats:

  • Start Date: November 16, 2007
  • Finish Date: November 26, 2007
  • Yarn: Sunshine Yarns
  • Colorway: Reef
  • Yardage: 400
  • Needles: Addi Turbo US 1.5
  • Notes: 2 socks/2 circs, toe-up, and added a few rows of ribbing at the top
  • These are a present for my neice, Kyle Ann


Thanks for the invite. I can't wait for next month's pattern after seeing all the beautiful socks so far. I just hope I can make something as gorgeous.
Thanks for the invitation . I'm looking forward to see the patterns of the December sock


Striped ripples

Here is my version of the ripples with the Trekking XXL yarn color way 123. These socks turned out super amazing when I tried to match the stripes. They are almost perfectly match, I did not think the matching would last the whole pattern. :) Now we have to wait a few days for the next pattern..... hmm.... I'll try to be patient


Thank you for allowing me to join this group! I am looking forward to knitting some socks! Thanks again!


Thanks for the blog invitation. I'm looking forward to my December sock.


Sunday, 25 November 2007

Holiday Spirit

Thank you for the invite to the blog!! It feels like I received a present! The pictures of all of these socks are so beautiful!! It is nice to see fellow addicts in action.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

September Socks Finished!

I took a long break from these when I had almost finished the first sock, but they're finished now. These are knit in Panda Cotton on size 1 and 2 needles. I used the size 2 for the fair isle and the

Finished ripples

These are for my daughter for Christmas. They are made from Rellana - a german yarn I bought off ebay. The only change I made was to do a reinforced heel.

It's a lovely pattern and it's great to see how the different yarns turn out.
Really looking forward to the next pattern - I'm sure I'll manage to find some knitting time in between shopping trips!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Goodbye to my Ripple Socks

It is with great sadness that I say farewell to my Ripple Socks. They are beautiful, but something wacky happened to the heel and they must be frogged. This is the second time I've frogged these socks, but that will not stop me from making them again.

The pattern is lovely, and I am glad that it is easy to remember. The Lorna's Laces yarn (Island Blue) is holding up well, and I think it's up for try #3.

So, goodbye Ripple Socks, until I see you again.

On the plus side, I've actually figured out how to add a picture, so it's not all bad.

- Jeannette

Thursday, 22 November 2007


I did it! I finished a KAL project during the alloted contest time. YAY!

I knit these socks for DD#3, Sarah. A bright TOFUsies yarn fit her personality perfectly and she loves them. I ended up with about 144 yds left over.

This is DD#3 wearing them

This is close up

This is toe close up

sz 2.5 mm needles on cuff and sz2 mm on foot. Seven repeats on the cuff and another seven for the instep/ was an easy to remember pattern -
Thanks so much to Anni!


No "ripples" for me this month....I have made 2 pairs for a friend for christmas, so no time for sockamania. But I will be here next month...I hope !!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


I have just had a quick scroll through ... and the socks look amazing!! I am finding it very useful and interesting looking at all of the different wools used for the November sock, and have found myself wondering which wool I should use .... although I still am working on 3 very slow projects and am nowhere near ready to start a new one!!


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Finish - yes!!!

I'm finish my Ripples Socks during the weekend, but need to take som pic... and the weather are not on my side :(

Chance the heel, and didn't make the pattern on it - use my "old" heel... 1sl, 1k, and purl the other side...
The yarn - Opal, and it's pink-red-lilac and white... non of the picture show it in the right way! :( Use needles 3mm, couldn't get 2,75mm in bambu in my country... I think... ... ... (Bambu is the best for my hands!)

Monday, 19 November 2007

Ripples ready!

Ron the cat is unimpressed by my Ripples, but I am pleased with them! I didn't want to use my Sockamania club yarn, cos it is so beautiful and these are a gift for a friend at work, and sometimes I can be very mean and selfish! Instead I used up 2 orphan balls of Regia Ringels, 2 different colours but both with a navy background, so I was able to stagger the balls easily, and I love the effect of the stripes going into the stripey lace sections. I am eager to know what December holds now!

Ripples are completed!

This was a fun pattern to knit! I used Knit Picks Essential in the Tuscany Multi colorway.
Thanks Anni!

Ripples Complete

This weekend I turned my attention back to sock number two of Ripples. Yarn used is some of my friend Maggie's hand dyed yarn from Dyed in the Wool Handmade. The colour is Hanging Baskets. I worked the pattern from the toe up and changed the top by added a 3x3 ribbing. I tried to cast off without it and it just didn't fit right. This way works much better for me.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Hopelessly behind

Hello all! I just LOVE the socks everyone is creating! I am using Silkie sock by Blue Moon for this months pattern. I love the pattern, love the yarn, do not love the fact I have no time... Just seeing the ones accomplished puts a smile on my face and someday I WILL come back to these! Another wonderful pattern Anni- keep up the good work!

Ripples Done

whoo hooo. I didn't think I would get them done this soon. I recieved the package on the 8th but need to finish another project. I casted on the morning of the 10th but had to run to my first spinning class (need to feed the sock habit with making my own sock yarn ha ha) Sunday was down with a migrain, Monday and Tuesday running errands and home schooling so very little time to knit. Finished socks last night, washed and blocked them then took pictures early this morning(4ish) do to little one wanting to nurse. Now I get to post them. I love the yarn and the pattern. Very quick and easy. Thank you Anni.

My version of Ripples

Yarn, Anni's Easycare Merino.. colourway Orange Bananas.. which is totally gorgeous to work with and the colours so much better in real life
Knitpicks 2.75 circular.. magic loop.
I knitted toe up and these are for my sister.. I spread out the ripples by working 3 knit rows between the patt rows.
Thank you Anni for a great pattern
PS. I forgot so adding this here.. I did 10 rows of K1, P1 rib as they needed pulling in a bit at the top.. thanks to Barb W for passing on that tip.

Dumb Question

This is my first month knitting with Sockamania. I've turned the heel on my first sock and began working the Gusset when the instructions say "pick up 16 sts from one side of the heel flap and ktbl." What is ktbl?

When you all get done chuckling, please clue me in. I'm having so much fun with these socks and don't want to loose momentum.


Friday, 16 November 2007

Sockamania on Ravelry

There is now a Sockamania Group on Ravelry too. This is not a replacement for this blog but an extra place to chat with other Sockamania members. Please continue to use this blog and post your pics here to qualify for the prize draw.


October Draw - we have 2 winners.

Sorry folks for doing this draw so late but I assigned everyone numbers and got the girls to give me a random number each last night and the winnners for October are.....................

.................................................. Bev...............................
..........................................Not just a Mom

E-mail me ladies on and let me know which yarn you'd like from my Etsy shop and your address and the yarn will be in the post on Monday.

Congratulations to everyone who finished their socks especially after the disaster of e-mailing out hte patterns.

I've got a team of Admin to help me now, they are Pam The Knitter, Barb W, Hattie, Pixie, Peaches,Ingalill & Sarah (after Christmas). They will all have their own jobs so if you e-mail me with Sockamania questions you may get a reply from one of them instead of me. I've been finding the Sockamaia admin a bit overwhelming lately and not keeping up which means my 'customer service' has dropped to an unaccetable level so I'm very grateful to these ladies for their help. They'll all have admin privileges on this blog. Our new e-mail is

Hope you all have a knitterly and fun weekend, I'm off to Swindon on SAturday to meet up with a bunch of knitting friends from an online knitting forum.


ripples and were rolling

i've just started on the ripple sock and it is a beautiful pattern and after an initial brain freeze, very simple. i love it! the yarn is sangria by spunky eclectic which is so soft. now i need lots of time which is harder to come by with all the other stuff that ends up happening this time of year!

Ravelry Group

Hi guys! As some of you already know, a Sockamania group has been started on Ravelry, so if you have a Ravelry account, come join us!

The idea behind the Ravelry group is NOT to replace the blog, so don't worry if you're not on Ravelry. Everyone will still be posting their photos and comments here. I'm thinking the group is a good place to share tips, ask questions, make a quick comment on a progress photo, etc.

Anyway, the group name is just sockamania, so we're easy to find. So easy that 20 people joined in the last 24 hours, before I even had a chance to post this! :-) Ah, the power of Ravelry....

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Elegance and Ripples

I finished my first Elegance sock a few days ago. Sadly I didn't make the deadline, even for that one sock. I really loved the pattern. The cable is gorgeous and very simple to do. I had to increase stitches on the back of the leg so that they would fit my mom, so now I have a wide purl channel at the top of the leg. It looks neat that way.

Elegance sock #1

I used Lime & Violet Sasquatch yarn in Tinker.

I also cast on for the Ripples Socks. I have knit part of a foot so far.


I think that the yarn I used (Hand Jive Nature's Palette in Mallard Green) is thicker than what I usually use because 66 stitches, which usually fits me just fine was coming out really big. I ended deciding to make these for a friend whose feet are the perfect size for them. I'll try to get at least one sock done by the end of the month.

Pretty, very pretty

I have my socks done thru the second repeat. I did about an inch of ribbing on them and after seeing the recent posts, particularly the gorgeous pink pair, and noticing how mine seem pucker and kinda flair the ribbing, I am ripping back to the beginning and eliminating the ribbing. I think the ribbing ruins the pattern. It really doesn't pay to second guess. Sorry I doubted you, Anni.

My finished post

I was having so much trouble posting last night that the sock info is missing.

I used Woolarian Handpaintd yarn from I'm glad you liked the look. It's wonderful to knit with. I used 2.5mm Addi's magic loop. This pattern was so easy to memorize and to knit. I could not believe haw they flew off the needles.

I love these patterns. I find I'm already waiting for next month's design.
hugs and happy holidays.
Sue F in Palo Alto, CA

No Progress to show

After working for most of yesterday on the November pattern and then having to rip, I've decided to put this month's pattern on hold. Here's how it went: I started the sock on size 2 needles and after working about 2 inches I thought that it was going to be too big, so I went down a size. Unfortunately, I didn't measure again after I'd knit about 2 inches on the smaller needles. When I did (after turning the heel and knitting 1 more pattern repeat) I couldn't get the sock over my heel! I was so disappointed with myself, that I just couldn't cast on for the same, lovely, easy to follow pattern...It is a great pattern, Anni, and I look forward to working it later on. In the meantime, I plan to finish some of the previous month's socks that I still have on the needles.


These are my beautiful Noverber socks. So much fun and so easy to

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

November Socks Finished!!

These are for our favorite teacher as she fights her 3rd bout of cancer. 3 of my kids have had this beloved teacher and we wanted her to know that she will be missed while she moves to Houston for treatment. I had been looking for an easy lacy pattern and Anni hit the mark. I have never knit any type of lace before so this was a perfect pattern, at the perfect time.
Thank you so much Anni!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

welp right after i finished elegance i cast on for ripples !

this is such an easy purty pattern :0

Elegance on the needles at last!

originally uploaded by Bearium.
Finally cast on but there was no way I was going to make the deadline even with the extension. I know I have a lot of other projects on the go at the moment but these seem to be taking forever to knit. The pattern is straightforward enough (thanks Anni) but I think maybe I've picked the wrong yarn. I guess they don't call it Neon for nothing! The cables are being totally lost so I think these ones might end up in the frog pond before they get much bigger. I'll have to raid my stash for something more suitable.

How do you do it?

All you sooo prolific knitters amaze me!! How do you get so much knit? Some of you seem to finish a pair while I'm still casting on!

My DD#3 wore holes in the bottom of her favourite handknit socks so we tossed them Friday. Saturday I found a great colourway of TOFUtsies perfect for her. She imediately picked the Ripples pattern for her new socks. I've cast on and am nearly through the 7 repeats of the first sock. If the weather cooperates tomorrow I'll post a picture. I'm using sz 1 (2.5) circulars and I knit four garter rows at the top rather than just three. After the heel turn I'll switch to sz 0 needles.

I had a terrible time logging in to blogger. The log in window kept crashing Netscape. I was only able to log in after I switched to Explorer.

Ravelry: annaotherthing2

( Going to see if I can post this for you Anna.. hope you don't mind Pixie)

Monday, 12 November 2007 late.........

but done!

now on to the november pattern......thanks! anni

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Ripples are done!

My socks are finished. I like them a lot even if I think the kitchener can be done much better! I really need to practise it.

Nov Ripples are finished

Thanks for another great pattern Anni! I've really enjoyed knitting these. I used Fleece Artist Sea Wool sock yarn in the Marine colourway - the first sock knitted on 2 x 2.75 mm Inox Grey circs and the second on 2 x 2.75 mm Knit Picks classic circs. I'll be sticking with the Knit Picks circs from now on - they're MUCH better!

I'm *almost* looking forward to going to work tomorrow so I can wear my new socks! ;0)

In the Nick of Time

Whew! Thanks Anni, for a great pattern and for extending the deadline!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Elegance Socks

This is my first name is Melissa and I love Anni's designs. These socks were fun and easy to do. The yarn is Claudia Handpainted in Toast. I'm in love with the color.

Hi, from Sweden...

My first pattern with this KAL "Ribbles Socks" have arrived, and I have almost just cast-on. Find some Opal in my sockyarn-stash and I will go for it. Color? Not a clue, Opal don't let me know - but I just love it!!! ;) and want some more... Not a easy way to find it out... Phone Opal? ;)
(Did anyone say something about IKEA? Yes, I'm sitting in my bed and knit) It's cold outside, and the first snow have arrived today, aggghhh. Don't know if I like it or not. The snow I meen, the pattern I just love :) easy and it seem to work out well.

November Ripples Socks are done!

O.K. second try. Blogger swallowed my first post. :o)
Since I had no time to knit socks in October, I was quite sock knitting starved, and bounced on this pattern. I did some modifications to fit my feet and need! The obvious one is, that I did the ripples only on the leg part. I choose the option without purl rows, except for the first repeat. I used 2.5mm needles for the first 4 repeats, and changed to 2.25mm for the rest of the socks. I decreased to 60 stitches for the foot, and now they fit perfectly! I'm very happy with them, they will be worn a lot. Of course orange is one of my favorite colors. The yarn is Trekking XXL # 145.
Happy knitting, and thanks for the pattern, Anni!


PS: I wanted to show you how beautiful this stitch pattern is, when on the legs! I'm wearing them today, and I love them!


My Elegance socks are done!

Further details on my blog.

Thanks for the lovely pattern Anni! I had fun knitting the socks and they've received many compliments.

Confessions of a guilty lurker...

Hello all! I must confess that I joined a couple of months ago, but have only had time to lurk and admire. I'm looking forward to starting the next pattern, after trying to clean up some of the UFO's I've had on my needles for ages! I'm working on my third pair of socks ever right now, and they are taking on size zero's.

I love the patterns and have admired everyone's lovely work! All of the socks look great!

Thanks, Anni, for such an awesome site and for all of the great patterns! I'm hoping I can convert the patterns for knitting on 2 circulars without too much difficulty, as I'm somewhat of a sock novice and still need to follow the patterns pretty closely.

Cheers and happy sock-knitting to everyone!

deb >^..^<

Ripples started in CTH

Here's a first look at my ripples socks in Cherry Tree Hill. The colorway is Green Mountain Madness. I took the option of doing M1 instead of YO for the first repeat, so it took me a while to get through it (it takes me forever to execute a M1.)

Thanks for the pattern, Anni!

Flyin' Needles


November Ripples Completed

Once I started knitting Ripples it was difficult to put down the needles. Thanks Anni for another beautiful and fun pattern.

Friday, 9 November 2007

November Ripples

Right, I haven't done any of the stuff I was supposed to do this week, BUT my Ripples socks are all done!

While I agree that the pattern is actually quite easy, I had some trouble. I was a tiny bit ambitious with this one (never knitted lace before etc...) and ran into a few problems which were all caused by my inability to do simple math.
66 divided by 3 is very clearly 23, or? Anyone dare to disagree? ;)
Anyway, I got there in the end. There are a few mistakes in the socks, one of them has a few rows mixed up (counting is really hard, and asking me to count to 4 is really asking for a lot...LOL) but I'm really happy how they turned out! If anybody is willing to read a slightly longer version of how these socks came into being - it can be found on my blog.
I used 4ply Opal sock yarn in a dark blueish green.

Anni, again, thank you so very much for this beautiful pattern!

Sweet dreams to all!

Nov Ripples

Just a note to say that my Ripples are coming along great! There is a pic on my blog since I can't seem to get one to post here.


Thursday, 8 November 2007

November Socks

Oh I am so excited! The yarn just arrived in todays mail and Anni it is so lovely! Before opening the package my daughters and I had to guess what color it was. I was part right and DD2 was part right. I can hardly wait to get started. This is going to be fun!!!

November socks

I just downloaded the November pattern, now all I have to do is find enough time to knit these lovely socks in what's left of November! Oh My!

I like November!


I'm really enjoying the November pattern. I'm doing fewer repeats and I'm doing EOP for the heel.

(Sending this through for you.. Pixie)

What a great day

To start new socks. I got my first yarny package Monday and opened it before I closed the door. It is sooo pretty and some of the softest yarn I have ever had the pleasure to fondle. And I have fondled alot in the last 50 years. So, it is all balled up and waiting on my coffee table, calling to me. I am hoping to get it cast on today. So what that I have 5 other pairs on needles, I am certain I can find, maybe at my LYS, some needles that have room and I am off to the races. When my girls, daughter, daughter in law, sisters, nieces and grandduaghters see them, I know there will be a serious discussion about who will be the one to take them home when they are done. Thanks Anni for sponsoring family communication.

a newbie!!

Hi all, and thank you very much for allowing me to join. I have to say I love the sock pattern! I am not usually a lace knitter, but I think I may just have to have a go at these. I am currently struggling to finish a pair of socks that I have been making for around 2 months lol. I also have a pair of hand warmers on the needles ( both projects are Christmas presents! so I really should get a move on!!)

I look forward to reading and posting entries and of course to the knitting


Checking in from MN

Just wanted to check in and say that I enjoy the patterns. I am kind of a slow knitter sometimes and haven't got one finished yet but hope to get a pair done soon.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hi from CO!

I have been having such a difficult time with Blogger!!! Today is the first time I've been able to get in for probably close to two months! Every time I try to log in ... it opens window after window, one right after another ... never giving me time to even enter my log-in. I end up having to close the task in the task manager ... Anyone else having this problem??!!

Anyhow ... I definitely wanted to check in ... as I DON'T want to be removed from this group! I'm loving the patterns ... even though I haven't finished one yet ... ( though I have several socks going!!! lol)


Ripples are a Splash!!

I started this month's Ripples socks, golly are they fun! I stayed up way past my bedtime last night because I didn't want to put them down. As others have said, the pattern is easy to memorize. Thank you, Anni. This is my first month with Sockamania and I'm hooked.

Ripples for Nov

Here is the start of my ripples. They are coming along quite well.

This is 2 pattern repeats. The 1st repeat I did the m1 vs the yo. It seems to be pretty firm. The yarn is Koigu KPPPM #326.
Happy Knitting to All!


Pixie edit.. merged your drafts to this one, you have done a fab job and seemed a shame not to share all your info.. Hope you don't mind

Nummy sox

I love this pattern, its so easy! I'm callin this my " Sunday go to meetin' sox" I did the eye of partridge heel instead of what the pattern called for. I'm using Tofutsies yarn in pink. This yarn is weird, says it's superwash wool but it feels like cotton. And it's thin too, but its working really well with this pattern so No Worrys.

November Ripples

I just printed my pattern, will need to go through my stash to see if I have the right yarn for the job, may have to resort to buying more!

Toe Up October Socks - - DONE!

I loved this pattern, it was fun easy and definitely a new experience, knitting toe-up. Love the different versions posted for this pattern, so much creativity in this group. Thanks for a great pattern, Anni!


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Elegance Socks - Knitting Okay, Blogging Woes

I finished my Elegance socks, toe up and love them. Today it is finally cool enough to wear socks, so they're on my feet! Great pattern Anni.

I took a picture of my lovely feet in my new socks, but discovered that the thing that I need to upload my pictures is missing. Beautiful socks, lovely feet to model them, and no way to show it.

To create a picture for you; my socks are toe up, with the large feet cables, done on a size 1 needle in Knit Picks Clematis Heather Palette (purple). I'd never done a sewn binding, but really like how stretchy it is.

- Jeannette

October's Elegance Socks Done..... Phew

I just finished October's Elegance Socks, and with 4 days to spare! Not too bad having only started just about one week ago. I loved knitting these. I made the toe-up version, using the Turkish Cast-On, that had to be one of my best discovered technique for this year! I also made the cables slightly larger. I know that I will be making these again, and again, and again...
I showed them off at my knitting group last night. And they were a hit! Everyone raved about Anni's stunning design as well as her scrumptious yarns. The yarn is truly luscious and spoingy. I would highly recommend it to anyone yearning to be pampered.

November ripples started

Hello to All! I have started my November ripples and they are coming along fine. I did the 1st repeat with the m1 vs the yo and it seems to be pretty firm. For whatever reason Blogger will not allow me to post a picture so you can go to my blog to see

Have a wonderful day!


Its a great day

to start a new sock, or two. The pattern is great and the yarn is some of the best I have ever fondled. It isn't even daylight yet and I have cast on the November pattern with the yummy November yarn. I cannot believe I did it because I have already 4 pairs on needles but I could not help myself. The yarn came yesterday and I had it out and wound in less than 30 minutes. I thought I did pretty good waiting until this morning to cast on. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

A Big Question

Are we allowed to use a different weight yarn and needles?? I'm asking because my smallest needles are 4's. Would it disqualify me for the drawing? Please let me know, and thank you!

Monday, 5 November 2007

Joining in!

Hi Everyone! I just joined and wanted to say hello.

I love the new pattern (and some of the previous socks as well!) and can't wait to get started. Hopefully the fact that some of you are already finishing a sock will bode well for me. I seem to knit so slowly!

Are there other Ohio knitters here?


Happy November!

Hi Everyone! I've been a member of Sockamania since the beginning, but the past few months have been rather hectic for me, causing my knitting to slow down considerably. Now that things have settled down, I'm hoping to get back in the saddle with the projects just flying off the needles. Even though I haven't had time to knit, I read the blog on a regular basis to see all the wonderful socks everyone has knit. All of them are just gorgeous!!

Anni, your patterns are beautiful and November is no exception! Still deciding on a yarn to use - can't wait to cast on.

Happy Knitting everyone :-)

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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Elegance Sock for October

They are done at last I didn't think that I would get them done on time. Started Oct. 21 and finished Nov. 3. I knit them out of Lime and Violet's Vampyra Sock yarn, colorway Chakotay, 100% merino wool, knit-up with Clover Bamboo needles No.1. The only change I made if the pattern was to use 6 stitches in the cable. I didn't like just 4 and 8 was to many for big feet (size 9) I wanted the cable to show up they get lost in the yarn.
I loved the pattern and thank you Anni for all your work you do on these patterns I hope to get to November's sock but the contract work is piling up on me and I don't know when I will get it all done. But thats the fun of this time of the year.