Monday, 31 March 2008

No socks for me this month

No socks for me this month. I have them on the needles and down past the heel, however, there is simply not enough time to complete them today. I love the pattern, easy and very pretty. I just ran out of time this month. I have also received the pattern for April. This, too, is lovely but I am not sure that it is one that I will attempt. We'll see what the month brings.

March socks

According to the time in Sweden it is 45 minutes left of today so I better hurry up and upload the photos of my March socks. I finished them around 3 PM today.


Could I be any more Last Minute?

I really tried to have these finished early this month. I had the first sock done in the first week after I received the pattern. However, the second sock took the rest of the month to finish. I had an extremely busy month!

But I did finish them and here they are with the help of Powder, who is posing in his favorite position.
The cables were easy to work and the pattern really flowed from start to finish. I have been meaning to make a neutral pair of socks forever and finally have a pair! The pattern was perfect!

PS: I have tried a million times to "accept" my google group invite from the link provided in my e-mail, but CANNOT get it to work. It is making me crazy. Please send help!


The Twisted Hare

Nicks and Scrapes

I managed again to finish in the nick of time. Poor Nick. The pattern was great. Another enjoyable experience. Thank you Anni. I look forward to April.

Love Simply Cables

A little slow in posting, but I finished these last Friday. I love the Simply Cables design, Anni. I modified slightly, removing one repeat to fit my narrow feet. And, I did a slightly different heel stitch. They fit perfectly. Can't wait to wear them.


Simply Cables

Google Group Invites and April Pattern

The invites for Google Group are out. There are over 200 open invites which means that people have been invited and not accepted. A handful of messages are still pending approval by Google.
Some of the email address's are showing as non-verified, we can't sort that for you but have found a help page here. We would like to ask you please, if you have not received your invitation or are having trouble accepting your invitation, to email Pixie at This same email can also be used if you are having problems with the Blog. Your invite should go to the address you signed up with here on the blog, so make sure your signed in with the right ID .. if you changed your email address or the mail is going to the wrong e-dress.. please let us know that in your email. A UK quirk.. blogger gives us your email ending with gmail.. those of us in the UK end in googlemail.. if you think that is your problem let me know and I will issue another invite.

The April pattern (April Bluebell Socks) is now posted and available only at Sockamania Google Groups. It will remain on the google group site until May 1st.

Happy Knitting!

Finished, just in time!

I actually finished my socks on Saturday, but my camera is here at work so I had to wait till today to post them. My first sockamania socks! I knit them both at the same time, magic loop, on my wonderful knitpicks circs. The yarn is knitpicks essential in meteor twist.



Almost mine ! ! ! maybe next time.

Done, just in time..and I love them.
The only problem, when I ask my daugther to wear them for the photo shoot....
she does'nt want to give them back.
I think I will have to make another pair for me.
It's funny, this happen to me many times since I knit socks!!!! :-)
Thanks for the pattern Anni...I just love cables!!!

Finished In Time

Finished, not the best photo and I can't figure how to rotate it. But they're done and were fun to knit.

Finished My First Ever Sockamania Socks

I finished my first ever Sockamania socks on Saturday evening. I used the yarn Anni supplied with Sockamania Plus

Apologies for the rubbish photo. I need to get some sock blockers.

Now I am going to cast on for the April socks.

Simply Cables - Just In Time

False labor kept me awake last night, so I finished these socks for my husband. It's a wonderful, elegant pattern, and I really like how the dark green of the yarn works with it. I've used Regia 4ply, colorway 1994. I knitted a different toe, the star toe, and continued the rib pattern for about 2cm into it. It's the first time I've knitted two socks at a time on Magic Loop, though I did cast them on separately on DPNs (I still have to figure out how to do the cast on and joining of the yarn in the 2-socks-on-one-big-circular constellation).
Thanks for the pattern, Anni, it was great fun.

Sunday, 30 March 2008



I've just received my invite to the googlegroup, and accepted it- my computer didn't want to cooperate in the beginning, but it finally worked. Thank you!

I have also just opened the next pattern...WOW!

Google Group Invites - Update

Finally we have reached the end of the list. Everyone should now have received an invitation to the Sockamania Google Group. At this moment there are 147 open invitations.. meaning people are invited but have not accepted.

Some of the email address's are showing as non-verified, we can't sort that for you but have found a help page here

We would like to ask you please, if your having trouble accepting your invitation, to email Pixie at This is only to be used if your having problems with the Google group.Your invite should go to the address your signed up with here on the blog, so make sure your signed in with the right ID .. if the mail is the wrong address.. please let me know in your mail.
A UK quirk.. blogger gives us your email ending with gmail.. those of us in the UK end in googlemail.. if you think that is your problem let me know and I will issue another invite.

We chose Google to make it easy for you to have one login for the blog and for getting the pattern..Hopefully soon you will all be members of both.

Thank you,

Pixie & Barb

yeah.. I'm finished :)

finished about two days ago :)
love the pattern, the are lovely :D

Through rain, snowy, and sleet...

Ok, I made it... I got the socks completed and could not resist our late season snow feature with the March socks. Let's hope the April socks can be featured in the sun. Sure hope I get that magic e-mail to get the pattern, as I have no socks on the needles right now. oh, details... Lana grossa #5050, kind of a manly color. :) See you next month!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

candy twists

my candy twists are done! they are lovely, thanks again for a wonderful pattern. i used panda cotton in strawberries and lime. my daughter cant wait to have them!

Google Group Invites

We are working hard getting every one added.. at this moment there are 65 open invitations.. meaning people are invited just not accepted

We would like to ask you please if your having trouble accepting your invitation to mail me here
This is only to be used if your having problems with the Google group.

Your invite should go to the address your signed up with here on the blog, so make sure your signed in with the right ID .. if the mail is the wrong address.. please let me know in your mail..

We chose Google to make it easy for you to have one login for the blog and for getting the pattern..
Hopefully soon you will all be members of both.
Thank you Pixie

Friday, 28 March 2008

March Socks Done!

March was the first month that I received a pattern for and my socks are done! I used Knit Picks Dancing color 23592. It is red, navy, green, yellow, and orange. They worked up quickly and I am pleased with the results. You can't see the detail to well in the picture, but I love them on my feet. Thanks for a great pattern!

Google invites

I'd hoped to have all the Google Group invites done by today but I've been ill again. I developed a huge abscess on Wednesday. The whole right side of my face is swollen. This morning it was swollen from below my eye ot my top lip. I've been to the dentist and they're not sure what's causing it but I've had 3 attacks now in 14 months. It's made me feel quite unwell and tired which means I'm way behind on everything. Done quite a few invites this evening and the rest will be done tomorrow. The pattern for April will be posted tomorrow or Sunday morning.

Some invites that have been sent out this evening are being delayed as some have been selected by Google to be reviewed by their staff to make sure I'm not sending out junk mail.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

My Sockamania Simply Cables

Hiya guys,

I finally finished these for my dad. I haven't done a lot of gussets for my socks but I did do these just like in the pattern. I used Kroy sock yarn in offwhite.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Springtime Cables

After several months, I finally had the opportunity to knit a pair for Sockamania. I enjoyed this pattern, thanks Anni!

I left out the cables on the instep, and also reduced the stitch count down to 60 from 66. I also mirrored both the cable placement and cable twist on the second sock. The socks look different because I was using a hand-dyed yarn, and knit one sock with one end of the skein, and the other with the opposite end. Very surprising! : )

Invite Question

Haven't seen or heard anything yet. Are we still waiting on the Google invites? Are we close to being done?

Thank you, thank you!

When I got home from work yesterday, the package from England that I've been waiting for had finally arrived--the yarn I had picked out from Anni's Etsy shop for being one of the lucky January winners. It is so beautiful! I chose the wool/bamboo sock yarn Intense Green. The color is absolutely gorgeous, and it is so so soft. I can't wait to use it. Well, I guess I have to--I have two pairs to finish first. The intense green bamboo ones are intended for my brother's birthday in early May. He is a winemaker and organic farmer and will love them. My only problem is that they will be very hard to give up; I'm going to have to order some more yarn for myself. Hmmmm, could this be a sneaky plot LOL? Anni, thank you so much!

April is WOW

The April Sockamania Plus just arrived and WOW.

I'm sure anybody else who received it today will agree.

Thanks Anni - you are fab.

Catching Up

I had other knitting commitments that have taken my time lately so I didn't get to finish the January sock on time. I haven't knit the February sock yet but I plan to as soon as I finish the socks I am working on. I cast on the first March sock last week and I finished it tonight. I love the socks. My brother in law has asked me to knit him socks and I think I am going to use this pattern.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Simply cables in blue

Unknown yarn, probably Trekking, with Sirdar town and country toes. Added ribbing so nearly ran out of yarn.
UK men's size 8 ,knitted on Susan Bates 2.25mm circs.

My First Sockamania Socks Complete =

a small moment of triumph in my knitting career.

These are made in Knitting By Zen 3ply, 100% machine washable wool in the Stormy Skies colourway with my new Harmony DPNs which I found a real delight to use. Modelled on my new, very lovely wooden sock blockers from Wightwood Blockers.

Thank you Anni for a wonderful pattern; I found it a very enjoyable knit.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Simply Cables are finished!

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern. I love cables. I used Knit Picks Essential yarn in the Riverbed colorway.


Sunday, 23 March 2008

Finished Simply Love

I really loved February's pattern, and it was a quick knit--I just had a hard time finding time to work on them. So they are now finally done! :-) I am taking March off, trying to catch up on other projects and maybe knit some non-Sockamania socks (my Ravelry queue is out of control!). But here is February...exucse the awful picture, it was taken at my MIL's house right before I gifted them to her. The light was terrible, and I didn't have my usual coat-hanger blockers available to show them off.


This in progress pic shows the colour and pattern better:

Just in time for Easter!

Done just in time to wear tomorrow to Easter Mass!!!

Simply Cables Completed

Finally finished. These socks were knit with Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn. It is in a dark green color and very soft.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

February socks done

Well better late than never. Here they are. They were very fun...thanks Anni

Friday, 21 March 2008

Simply Cable

Beautiful socks, beautiful yarn. Thanks, Anni!

Toe-up, magic loop, KnitPicks size 1 needles. 72 stitches, pink yarn from Anni.

Simply Cable

Online Supersocke 100 US2. The cabling shows well when worn. Thank you Anni for the beautiful pattern

Thursday, 20 March 2008

I DID IT! Simple cable sock

Thank you Annie, this was a very fun and easy pattern. With a little help from my friends I was able to learn how to do cables using your pattern.

Love my Simply Cables!

Oh wow, my first sockamania post! I have started the heel flaps on my simply cables, and I just can't wait to be done and wear these socks! This is my 2nd pair of socks, and they feel so soft and comfy so far that I just can't wait to get them on my feet. This is a terrible picture, sorry, but I don't have access to my camera right now so I had to use my daughter's crappy camera.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Man Socks!

Done, even though DH has only size 8-9 feet (UK) I was beginning to wonder whether I'd have sufficient yarn. As 'tis, there's enough to reinforce the toes - essential with his socks.

Yarn is something (75% wool, 25% nylon) I've had in stash for a while, & have lost the ballband!

I was Kitchenering the toe of the first sock, suddenly remembered that the Feb KAL was for a toe-up flap-heel, & knit the second sock toe-up, with C4F twists, to complete the mirror image.
Several froggings later I had a much better understanding of the construction of a flap heel.

DH loves them - he even took this shot. Must. Reinforce. The. Toes.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Simply cables

Simply cables done! Very nice pattern- again!- thanks, Annie! These are knit in Silja sockyarn on 2.5mm circular, both at the same time using magic loop and cabling without a cable needle. I thought it would be messy, but it worked out fine, actually a lot easier than I anticipated! This might well be my new favourite way of knitting socks:-) It took longer to finish- but as you see they have very long cuffs- but when they were done, both were done. These are made for my son, he has shoes # 47 (13 in US?). I think he likes them. I know I do:-)

Started on Valentine's Day

And finished them on St. Patrick's Day! Here are my Simply Love socks. The pattern was fun to knit. I'm not entirely pleased with the end result, but that has more to do with some decisions I made, as well as my preference for the heel flap over the short row heel. More details can be found on my blog.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

They are just a pair of trainer socks using the pattern, but its what my daughter wanted, i have used the same yarn as i did for my simply love socks with contrasting heels and toes, which is also a yarn addict yarn called strawberry crush.they are made to a uk size 1, using hiya hiya 2.25mm circular needles.i think i will defo be using this pattern again to make hubby some more socks.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

1 down 1 to go

Finished this one yesterday!!! so purty! I hope to co for #2 today!

I decided to do the seed st heel on this one because that's what my neighbor does all her socks heels in and I think it looks neat-think it would look nicer if it hadn't been a rib pattern, o well. I hope to finish #2 by Easter so I can wear them then.

Way to go on the pattern Anni, as always they're super pretty.

one finished:)

loving the pattern, and are getting started with the other one tonight :)

knitting it in Opal smoke :)


I've now set up a Sockamania group on Google which will be used for distributing the pattern. I've listed the March pattern up there. In the future patterns will be posted ot the group for you to download rather than e-mailed out to everyone. The Google group is a closed group and will only be used for posting the pattern. It'll not be used for posting pics and discussions as we already have the blog for that purpose.

You'll receive an invitation to join the Sockamania Google group. I'll start sending out invites over the next few days but it'll take a while to get through everyone and I'll post a message here when they're all done. So please be patient! You will need to accept your Sockamania Google invitation or your membership to Sockamania will be removed. Any problems just ask on the blog or e-mail the Sockamania address.

The patterns will only be available on the Google group for a month then they will be replaced by the next month's pattern.

Happy knitting,


Friday, 14 March 2008

In progress and I love it!

In between moving from one house to the other knitting is necessary to keep me sane! And this is a wonderful pattern for it... I love it. This is the first time I publish on this blog and oh, my, it isn't simple. The yarn I'm knitting with is Trekking Ombre, colour is 100. I admit the colours are a bit autumny, but I started the socks on a very grey day on which I had such cold feet.

Yummy Yarn!

I just wanted to show you all Anni's terrific yarn. The picture doesn't do it justice - it's even more gorgeous in real life! The colours blend together beautifully - lovely pastel shades of turquoise, lilac, purpley pink (or could be pinky purple...) and it's very soft & squishy. (Can you tell how much I like it?)

It's 75% wool/ 25% bamboo and the colour is Pastel Dream.

All I need now is the perfect pattern to show it off.

Thanks again, Anni.


November Ripples! Done!

Wow! I really am way behind...

I just finished my Ripples socks.

Finished Ripple socks

They're intended for one of my best friends. She's on vacation now, so I wont know until she gets back if they actually fit her!

I've been waiting to finish this sock so I could start this month's gorgeous pattern. Now's the time to find the perfect yarn!

February socks

Finished my February socks yesterday, so now I can with a good conscience start on my March socks. Will take a photo when I get home this evening.


March socks

Anni, I am loving this pattern! I love cables anyways and these are just zipping along nicely. There's an easy rhythm to the pattern - provided the tv isn't on.
I am at almost at the heel turning of the first and second pair. I have them each on their own dpns. Another 3 inches per and I'm set to turn. What I'm most proud of (so far, and touching wood!): I haven't made an error! This is a really big deal for me as I'm usually dropping a stitch here or there, or misreading a chart.
There must be some luck of the Irish dust sprinkled on this month's pattern!


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Simply Brilliant

Another wonderful pattern. These are knitting up very quickly (for me) and the pattern is just what I was looking for as I had a request for a pair of socks with some cables for my mum's OH. I am using a beige alpaca yarn and have high hopes of posting pictures of the finished articles by the end of the month.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Yay Man Socks!

Started "Simply Cables" last nigh, having found a dark-blue-with-variegations yarn in my stash. Why do Man socks have to be in dark colours? Never mind, being a sock knitting addict & getting worse by the day, I cast on thinking that surely out of all the men in the family one of them might actually like a pair of handknits.

A few cable twists later DH takes a look, & likes what he sees. Guess what the Easter bunny'll be brining him this year!

Thanks, Anni.

Late better than Never

This Simply Love is finished in the month of February. I was not able to post the entry in that month. This is my 3rd pair of hand knit socks. I am very proud of this pair as there are many #1's - First try on

1. Magic Loop
2. Turkish Cast-On method
3. 2 toe-up socks
4. Addi Turbo 32" circular needle
4. Sewn Cast-Off
5. Online purchase sock yarn

Sunday, 9 March 2008

And the winners are...........

......................... Blueberries in the field and Marilyn. E-mail me on with your address and your choice of yarn. You can choose one skein of yarn from my Etsy shop .

Well done to everyone who's completed or had a go at the February socks. Remember if you've not finished the socks yet you can always pos a pic when you do finish them so we can admire them. It doesn't matter if it's a few months late. The Simply Love sock pattern will be for sale on Etsy soon. It's next on my to do list today.

For March we'll be having a different way of distributing the pattern. I've not decided exactly what yet but will post details when I have made a decision. The current system of e-mailing everyone is just too timeconsuming and for the first week in April I'm away so won't be able to do ti anyway which ahs prompted me to think of something else. Lots of helpful suggestions and offers of help to set something up has flooded in and a huge thank you to everyone who's got in touch. If I haven't gotten back to you yet, I will soon.

Happy knitting,


Saturday, 8 March 2008

Simply Cables In Progress

Completed the first sock, but have to take a break to work on another pair before starting the second. I chose Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn. It is in a dark green color and very soft. I started the pattern using #2dpn as per the pattern. When I got to the heel I realized that once again I need to drop down to #1dpn because the pattern with this yarn and needle size was just too loose. I also changed the heel to the standard k1, s1 which gives me a closer and better fit.

Friday, 7 March 2008

How lucky am I?

Not only do I get a great sock pattern every month, now I'm getting a great skein of yarn too! My only problem now is to choose between the beautiful colours (so quite a nice problem).

Thanks again, Anni, for inspiring all of us sock knitters.


Thursday, 6 March 2008

Am I a winner ?!?!

What ????!!!! I won ?????!!! Oh my ! Oh my !!! yeapyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I can't beleive it ! I don't recall winning anything in my whole life !!! This is my first participation at the sockamania club and i won already !?! Oh my ! I feel like jumping in the air! Thank you, thank you thank you sooooo much Anny ! I am so happy ! I am going right this minute and chose that special yarn ! Am i lucky everybody ?!!! Wahooo!!!

February socks

I am getting there - the finishing of the February socks. This is the first sock and I have now finished the foot of the second sock. I am not very fond of the color of this yarn, which is Socka. I would have liked one that is more solid colored, but there were none to be found when I wanted it. At least not in shops, had I just looked a little more at home before rushing to the store I would have found the perfect yarn for it ;-)

It has been fun to knit, a bit competitive even - just two more rows. The kids can wait just a little more for their dinner so I can knit a little more ...


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Simply Cables Toe Up

Just wanted to say that I love this pattern! Here's my version so far, toe up as usual. I'm using the yarn I won in October - Thanks Anni, it is so wonderful to work with.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

February not done

They are getting there, but do to a short month (ha ha) I was not able to finish. The second sock is halfway done. I think I stretch myself thin this month with knitting, schooling the kids and sending samples off to get my license to make cloth diapers and mama cloths. I will finish these socks this month. Maybe I can finish them before Marchs pattern and sock yarn get here. lol You all did a wonderful job on your socks!! Keep it up. to see what I have been working on you have to go to my blog ..... though I haven't been updating that too much this month either.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Fingers crossed!

My mom and I went shopping today at the yarn shop near her home in Sun City West, Arizona and she treated me to yarn for two pair of socks. The blue is for her--she fell in love with the Simply Loves that I sent my sister (who loved them too, of course!), and I picked out Sassy Stripes by Cascade in lime, orange, and sunshine yellow for myself. That's what I'm planning for my March socks. No pattern yet--I must be in the 2nd batch going out tomorrow. Can't wait!

Didn't quite make it

This is where I got to by Februray 29th. My first miss since September.
Here we are at March 3rd. My first toe ups. Not sure that I think it is the best way to knit socks, although a couple of my friends think that it is the only way to go.
On to the March pattern! Thanks Anni.

Sylvia in Ephraim