Sunday, 7 November 2010


Hi everyone,

This is a difficult message to post and it's been a difficult decision to make. Unfortunately Sockamania will be closing. I have not been designing for Sockamania for some time now as I just did not have time to keep this club going. Tama offered to take over from me and have done a fantastic job. I love all the socks she has produced. Unfortunately she is no longer able to continue.

Add to that the fact that participation has dropped, we've taken the decision to close this club.

A huge thank you to Tama, for keeping this club going and to Barb for helping running things. Also a big thank you to Pixie, who was a helper until fairly recently. I really appreciate all the work you've all done.

There will be no more Sockamania patterns but I won't delete the blog. It'll stay live for some time so you cna still admire the fabolous socks knitted.

Tama and Barb have something new planned and they'll make their announcement soon and I hope you will support them.

Thank you to all current and past members. I started this club when I was just starting out as a designer and it gave me a huge boost of confidence to see people kniting up my designs. My career has grown immensely since then and I'm thrilled to be able to do what I'm doing and I'm sure it's a lot due to Sockamania members giving me the confidence to keep going.

Happy knitting,

Anni x


marit said...

I'm sad to se the club closing, but I understand you. Thank you for all the great patterns over the years- both yours and Tama's- it's been inspirational and fun, and I've ended up with LOTS of beautiful socks for myself and as gifts for family and friends(and I'm the one who hated to knit socks...;-D)
I wish you all the best for the future:-)

Greetings from Marit in Norway.

Anni said...

thank you Marit. I used to hate knitting socks too, think it was having to make them as a teenager in Norway to wear inside my winter boots. Once I knew how to knit socks myself my mum made me do them. Never realised it could be so much fun but then the wool back then wasn't as good as it is now.

marit said...

LOL! No, the sock wool here is still rather scratchy! I get my mum to knit me bootsocks/worksocks, because they are so plain and boring! I only want to knit with finer yarns and fun patterns:-)

Jan said...

I am doubly sad as a new member, but I do appreciate the one pair I was able make with Tama's Autumn Sunset pattern. I will enjoy wearing them with a shirt I bought to match the coral yarn.

Thanks to Tama for the pattern and to Sandy for her help and encouragement.

Sandy and Steve said...

Thank you, Anni and Tama, for all the great patterns. I've kept them all in a file, so I can make my favorites over and over again.

Jackie Knits said...

I'm sorry to see Sockamania closing. I was thrilled to be one of two winners from the first month (May Day Socks) and had just rejoined the group (after having other commitments which kept me from sock-knitting for a while).

I wish you well, both Anni and Tama, and thank you for all the wonderful socks that I WAS able to make.

Many thanks for a wonderful time!


MariecusBruyn said...

I'm very sorry to read that sockamania has ended. But I do understand the reasons.
But it won't stop me from knitting socks: you gave me lots of ideas!
Thank you for all the work you've put into it.
And: good luck with the new one!