Tuesday, 31 July 2007

I tried!

Over a week ago I didn't think I'd be able to even start the Serpentine Socks pattern for July. July was a full of deadlines, I had to finish my Sockapalooza socks and I had to knit the sample for the August yarn4socks sock club. I thought that I would just finish up the what I had on the needles and start the August Sockamania pattern along with everyone else. But then I talked a bit with another member of the KAL and I just thought that I'd give it a try and start at one sock. At least that way I would have participated. So I cast on and this is what I have so far:

Serpentine Socks

I'm using some Louet Gems sock yarn. The contrasting color is Pink Panther and the other one is some I dyed myself with one of the Louet sock yarn dyeing kits. I decided to use a contrasting color for the toe, heel and cuff so that I could maybe use only one skein of the hand-dyed.

On the leg I'll be doing the cabling and ribbing only on the front, the back will be only stockinette as it is quite a bit of work all these little cables! But I do love the look of them, so I'm not complaining!: )

I'm making these socks for my mom, it will be the first pair I make for her. I hope she likes them!

Not gonna make it....but I will finish!

I have lots of excuses for why I won't finish by tonight, but I have (mostly) enjoyed this pattern and will definitely finish them up very soon....just not quite in time! :-)

I started a bit late--trying to finish other projects first, mainly. I decided to make them for DH, so they were longer than if I made them for myself. I also had to add a few extra stitches to make them wide enough--the cables make for a slightly tighter fit, and they weren't going to go over his foot. Then I decided he really needs an EOP heel, because he wears holes in things so quickly. So I tried the heel several different ways before I found a variation on the written pattern that seemed to work. And then last week I had 4 visitors, so not much knitting time!

Excuses, excuses, I know...but even with all that, I'm almost at the heel on sock #2, so I'm getting close. I will post piccies when done, it's just gonna be a few more days, I think. However, I have enjoyed the cabled pattern--it's very easy to remember, and I like the look of it. Plus experimenting with the heel was a good experience for me--I've learned a few things, and am almost brave enough to think about designing my own sock now! ;-)

In hospital again - possible delays

Remember a few days ago, I promised I would send out invites for August and finish the pattern for August yesterday. Well, instead I spent all day in hospital with Emily. We also spent Sunday afternoon in Casualty.

Here's what happened: On Sunday lunchtime after church while I was geting lunch ready we sent the girls out to play. Ness took her bike and Em took her scooter. 10 mins later Ness comes rushing back in saying Em hasfallen off her scooter. Then Em appears covered in blood. We started cleaning her up but noticed a nasty cut on her top lip so took her straight to our local minor injuries unit which is onlly 2mins away.

The nurse cleaned her up and assessed her and decided that she may need stitching by a maxfacs surgeon and that she may need xrays of her chin/jaw. She also had a lot of bleeding in her mouth but she couldn't work out where it was coming from. Also, we didn't know if she had hit her head although we didn't think she had. She was actualy on her own when she fell as Ness ahd cycled ahead.

So off we went to Plymouth, about 40mins away to a bigger hospital. After seeing a nurse, then a doctor we got to see a maxfacs doctor who said she'd need stitches on ehr top lip and she also discovered that she had a really nasty, long tear (about the width of her mouth) on the inside of her bottom lip, where the bottom lip meets the gums. due to all the stitching and the pain it woudl cause it wasdecieded that a general anasthetic would be needed and they weren't able to do that Sunday pm as the theatre was taken up by a serious trauma case.

So we were back at the hospital 7am yesterday. Emily was brilliant with the general anasthetic. Simon went in with her as I went in with Ness for her two general anasthetics when she was a toddler. She was in surgery/recovery for nearly 2 hours and we started to get quite worried as it was taking much longer than we'd been told. We were finally allowed to see her in recovery.

Although she was quite rough when she first woke up she recovered really quickly. And after a couple of hours was eating toast and sitting up watching tv. But we weren't allowed home until 5.30pm. In addition to all the stitches, about 5 on ehr top lip and a row of stitches the width of her mouth inside her bottom lip, she was also given a mouthguard for her top teeth to try to push one of her front teeth back into place ,it got knocked back a bit. She's also got severe swelling to her mouth and chin area and lots of scratches. The rest of her face is untouched though, so Ithink she must have landed on ehr chin and mouth.

She's been brilliant but woke up in the night in pain. We've got antibiotics, painkillers, mouthwash and oointment. Not quite the start to the summer hols I wanted.

So because of all this and the fact that I'm now exhausted and suffering from quite severe neck/back pain from all the stress the last couple of days, the invites will be dealyed and the August pattern may be delayed by a day or two. I will try to get the pattern typed up and checked today but it may not happen and I will start sending out the new invites as soon as the pattern is done. But I've got housework, ironing etc to catch up on as kids have no clothes left to wear. LOL. And the girls need some TLC today.

I know none of you will mind the slight delay though. I will get the July list updated today adn tomorrow and still do the July draw tomorrow. The socks are all looking fab and I'm so pleased to read that many of you have tried toe up socks for the first time. Next month's pattern will not be toe up, nor will it be cables. In fact it's quite easy but looks really effective. They're blocking downstairs and I'm off to get some photos in a min. So hurry up and finish your socks ready for tomorrow's draw.

Monday, 30 July 2007

short rows don't get it

I have just restarted for about the 10th time! My short rows are a wadded up mess, So I am changing yarn and restarting using river sock directions no picture yet. Discovered I can't do much else besides knitting while trying to do short rows. Been to Maryland and Michigan this month 2,000 miles of driving. Got home (Buffalo,NY) yesturday after a long hot 2hr wait on Bridge from Canada. My 15 yr old grandson needs to learn to drive for next year! So along with that and not getting short rows I am way behind and this is my first KAL!
My new yarn is Austermann Step I got yesturday at Mary Maxim's retail store in Port Huron MI. It is very close to the MI/Canada Bridge that had only 20 min wait.

Serpentine Socks Complete

Misson: Accomplished! My first pair of Sockamania socks are complete! I really loved the design, but made a few design mods to fit my knitting quirkiness and fear of having too little yarn. As it turns out, I had plenty of yarn! Loved the pattern and am looking forward to the next.

You can read more details about my Serpentines here.

July's Serpentine Socks finished

Thanks, Anni, for July's pattern! Enjoyed the cables, the toe-up pattern and learning new techniques. It's the second toe-up pattern that I've done, and it's starting to become more interesting to do. Liked the turning of the heel, but found that I had to look up how to "wrap" knitwise and purlwise. The knitting together of the wrap and stitches definitely had a better appearance (no holes)than the other short rows that I've tried.

Serpentine and Grapevine:

Please forgive the rhyme; I barely finished on time!

Done and ready to forget, LOL

I finally finished my second sock late last night then got up this morning and bound it off.

I did them just as the pattern said as I had never done a crotchet cast on or whatever kind of heel this was. I like to learn new things.(Also with this heel I learned that 4 inches is not where my heel starts. I started the heel when the foot was at about where my heel starts and the socks are about 2 or 3 inches too long for me. Guess another pair for my DIL.)

I used Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold ( 65% wool, 35% silk one bad thing about this yarn is that it is handwash only, oops.). I used two circs in a #1 and did them, naturally, from the toe up since I did just as the pattern said. I only did about 2 1/2 repeats on the cuff just to get the danged things done. Between the close cables and the size #1 needles I had some really sore fingers!
The pattern wasn't really as bad as I let on. I just started late, could not get into the pattern and had to rush myself to get them done. I have promised myself that for August I am going to start right away and get them done so I don't have to stress at the end of the month.
Thanks, Anni, for making this unique pattern for us. Can't wait until Wednesday to see what is next.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Monday is Sockamania Day

I promise, Monday morning I will send out the invitations for new members for August. I haven't forgotten. It will be odne Monday. I will also finally get around to typing up the pattern for August. I've still not finished knitting the first sock as I keep getting distracted by some gorgeous lace projects. But I will finish sock 1 tomorrow, type up the pattern on Monday morning, after I've done the invites, then test knit the pattern on sock 2 Monday pm and Tuesday. And it will all be ready to e-mail out on Wednesday. If I keep telling myself that often enough I may believe it........................... No I promise it will be ready on Wednesday!!! It will!!! Someone hide my lace shawl!!!!

I will also update the finished list on Monday too. everyone's socks are looking gorgeous. and sorry for the cabling on every 3rd row, very inconsiderate of me I know. Idon't like it either. LOL. Which is why my 2nd July sock is still languishing in the wip basket. And I only have a couple of inches to go.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. I'll be lace......no, sock knitting!!!!

July - Only One Done

I only completed one sock and I know I won't complete the other by the end of July. I used Tofutsie yarn and, as usual when I use this yarn, I had to drop down to a 1 dpn for the foot switching to a 2 dpn for the heel and ankle. Honestly not my favorite pattern, just not into doing so many little cables -- too much work.

Thursday, 26 July 2007


Everyone is doing such lovely, fast jobs! I keep plugging along and hope to have a finished sock someday soon...

July is done!

Here's July! They are for a co-worker who wears a size 10 shoe , but the picture makes them look even larger. It was a great pattern and I'm glad I finally learned toe up! I knit these in Knit Picks Risata - Buttermilk.

Already in use...

Thank you for another greatlooking pattern, Anni- although cabling every third row is not my favourite-LOL! Socks were done in Silja superwash, on 2.5mm needles. I used a figure8 cast on, and my own version of a shortrow heel, because I seem to be completely unable to make a decent wrap&turn!
The leg is also shorter than the pattern says, because I was using only two balls of yarn (when knitting top-down, I need 3 balls because my feet are so big) But these are fine, and already on my feet!( yes, it IS cold around here...)
Looking forward to August now:-)

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I am soooo slow!!

I am just turning the heel on the first sock. I really don't think I will get these done by the end of the month. I have done cables lots of times on sweaters and never had any trouble with them but these are giving me fits. Also, I have been so busy that I have not had a whole lot of knitting time.
I have to do a lot of embroidery this evening so I will try to get the first sock finished and the second one well on its way. If I am out there until midnight again tonight there just might be hope of getting them done. We will see.
No picture as I have not taken the time to do one.


Sunday, 22 July 2007

Missing in action

Hi everyone, not been around for a few days and I'm so impressed by everyone's socks. They all look faband you all made better colour choices than me. The yarn I chose for the trial socks was far too busy. Looks okay IRL though but not in pic. LOL.

I've had a really horrendous week, with hospital appointments, dentish (for which I had to drive an hour each way, just to be told he couldn't do the treatment and to rebook for two weeks time). The reason he couldn't do the treatmenton my mouth which involved a small op and stitches etc with severe swelling in my mouth and face as a side effect was because I'm going into hospital for a small op tomorrow. I'm having a hysteryscopy and coil fitted to treat my prolonged and heavy periods (been almost non stop for 18 months now). I'm having a general anastethic. I'm okay iwth hte op but I'm not looking forward to the general anastethic as they make me feel quite ill, I've had four before. Luckily this op is very short so hopefully I hsould be okay afterwards. Last time, when I had an op on my neck (spinal fusion) I didn't wake up properly until 2am (had the op early pm) and was very ill the next day but that was a long and serious op.

Because of the awful week I've had I'm behind with lots of stuff. I've not started a list for finished July socks yet but I'll do that during the next week sometime. I've also not sent out blogger invites that I promised to get done in the last week. I'll get those done in the next week too and you'll be all set in time for August. We've got quite a few new members joining us for August. I've closed the KALfor sign ups for August now but will open it again for September.

The reason for this is that I think I've worked out how to send bulk e-mails but I just want to make sure they work before I open the KAL up again. There is well over a hundred of us for August htough. Which makes me really excited as I never dreamt it would be so popular when I started it.

Thank you to everyone for all your support and lovely comments on my patterns too.

Keep up the good work and I'll check in again on Tuesday and look forward to seeing another bunch of finished sock. And I will start the finished list in a few days and keep updating it every couple of days till the end of the month.

I’m a Newbie!

My name is Sybille from Dortmund (Germany) and I’m also new to the Sockamania Kal this month. Thank you Anni for let me in. I started the July pattern 2 weeks ago and now my socks are ready. I’m using “Rellana Flotte Socke” yarn. I like this yarn and colour because you can see the pattern very well. Now I’m looking forward to August.

I am finished.

I really, really love these socks. The pattern is great and I love the fact that they are slim fitting, because I have small feet.

These are knit in Regia 4-ply on 2,5 mm needles.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Now It's Really Done

The Serpentine socks are now complete. I just finished re-knitting the first sock. I can't begin to say how much I loved this pattern. I did change it just the slightest bit by doing the cables every 4th round instead of 3. I couldn't use the 2.5mm needles that I started with because the sock was coming out too big. I was afraid if I kept the 3 round repeat on the cables it might be too tight using the 2mm needles. The fit is perfect and I actually found this heel construction was easy to avoid the holes on the side of the gusset. This is the first time I used this heel construction. I think I finally have the wrap and turn under control and I should be able to try the short row toe next.

The yarn used is Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino in colour Fiesta on 2mm needles.

Friday, 20 July 2007


Just wanted to say hi. I have just joined the KAL, and I´m on my first sock.
I will post some picks later. Don`t think I´m going to make it until last of july, but I´m going to give it a try.
Have a geat knitting weekend.


For some reason the socks this month are slow going for me.
I think I've developed knitters ADD.
Anyway, I'm almost finished with the first sock, I'm just on the leg now and a few more repeats and then onto sock #2.

Here it is so far:

Progress for a newbie

I finally got some time to cast on- here is my progress- I love how the sock is developing. Who knows if I'll get them done by the end of the month (I'm as slow as an energetic snail) but I'm enjoying making them! (sorry for the bad pic)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Sock #1 finished

Can I first of all say that the bit of hairy leg you can see in the photo does NOT belong to me! This is DH modelling the first sock I've ever knit for him - I thought after making 40-plus pairs (and none for him) he might be feeling left out, so these are for him.
I originally started knitting these in "egg yolk yellow" yarn that I had in my stash but I really didn't like the yarn/pattern combination. So I frogged and used some more yarn from stash - this is Angel Yarns 4-ply sock yarn in shade #3032, a sort of heathery green/grey. It's 80% botany wool and 20% polyamide. DH thought it was more a "manly" shade and I tend to agree with him. It feels slightly thinner than other sock yarn I've used and is knitting up at 9sts per inch instead of my usual 8sts. But that's good, it's giving me a firmer fabric - which with any luck will stop DH's toe nails going straight through! ;0)
I'm really enjoying this pattern, although I altered it slightly and did my usual short row heel instead of the flap, simply because I prefer the fit it gives me. I'm hoping to cast on #2 tomorrow and *fingers crossed* will get them finished before the end of the month.

Socks Done?

What you see here is sock number 1. I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough yarn to make the cuff much longer and still have yarn for the ribbed cuff. So I made the cuff on this sock much shorter than I normally do.

What you see here is sock number 2. When I got to the gusset on this sock I decided to try and see how the foot length would be if I shortened the number of rounds before I started increasing for the gusset. I shortened the rounds by 4 rounds. So this sock is a little shorter in the foot than the first and it does fit better. Because of the shorter foot I have a longer cuff. So after sock 2 was done I have now ripped down sock number 1 to where I started the gusset on sock number 2 and I've started reworking the sock. So technically I finished the pair but I am re-working the first sock and hopefully will get it finished before the end of the month.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Serpentine Pink

They are done. Finally.

No problems or issues with this fun pattern, rather life, the heat and my Kauni distracted me from doing these at the beginning of the month.

We will not talk about the several pairs of sockapalooza that have been relegated to the basket, shortly to take a dip in the frog pond.

These are knit from Tofutsie (great to play with when the weather is warm if you can ignore the smell) for the youngest who is an anklet fan. Since the tops were shortened, I got a bit fancier on the heels. One is completely serpentine, the other has just one snake down the side. I did change it to crossing every four rows on the second heel. Doing cables from the backside on purl rows is just too much of a pain.

Now I am looking forward to August!


My first KAL...done !!

I love this pattern !! and my daughter is already wearing them.
I use Dancing yarn, from Knit picks...
It was my first time in many ways with those socks.
First try at cable, that was a big part of it ..
and the toes, heels and cast off were new techniques for me.
And it was my first try at toe-up too !!!
Thank you Anni for this pattern,
it was a challenge for me and I did it !!!
I can't wait for the next pattern.
(sorry about my english...I'm french speaking)

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Casting On..

I just cast on the Serpentine socks and am really liking how they are turning out so far:) I kinda tweeked the pattern a bit and went with a figure 8 cast on for the toe and increased to the correct number of stitches. It was the first time I had tried that kind of cast on and really really like it:) It is also my first post to the group..lol I am really looking forward to more posts and seeing everyones finished projects!

Finished Serpentines!

Finished these yesterday while standing in queues for a hovercraft trip - got sunburned too, unfortunately.
Lovely pattern again Anni, pity I knitted them just a little too long.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Another newbie!

Originally uploaded by lligett
I'm also new to the club this month (thanks, Anni, for letting us all in!). :-) I started my July sock on the weekend, and am enjoying it so far. I decided I wanted to knit for my husband, so I'm using yarn I had set aside for him--Trekking Pro Natura. This seems thinner than most sock yarns, so this combined with the cabled pattern and a man-sized foot made me nervous about the fit. I ended up deciding to add 4 stitches, making the st st rib 4 stitches wide instead of 3. This seems to fit him fine now, although it's still snug. I did the toes slightly differently than the pattern (used yos instead of wraps, it's what I'm used to) and am thinking I'll do short row heels--although I like the look of the flaps everyone else is doing, so maybe I will stick to the pattern!

Monday, 16 July 2007

One completed

I have finished the first sock. Since it was my first attempt at toe up, I wasn't too sure where to start the heel shaping. It has turned out to be larger than my foot. As it happens one of my co-workers had been admiring my socks and she wears a size 10. The sock fits her perfectly! She is going to cover my yarn cost which wasn't much as I was trying the KnitPicks Risata. I have so many socks already, that it is nice to be able to share with others who appreciate handknits.

Sunday, 15 July 2007


Hi. I'm Claudia and I am also new to this group. Thank you Anni for including the great toe-up tutorial - it really made it easy to do the toe. What's the expression I'm looking for? Oh yes. Pride cometh before a fall. If you look closely you will see that my cables, well, look like regular old cables. How did this happen???? Fresh off knitting a cable top using the no cable needle method I was all set. Problem was I only mastered one method of the technique (C4B). No problem, right. I simply use a cable needle for the C4F and all will be good. Well, about 1.5 inches into the foot I examined what pattern was emerging - and it looked like a plain cable pattern. Turns out what I thought was a C4B technique was actually a C4F. I didn't have the heart to rip out all those cables so mine will be more of a traditional cable sock. I'm using Sundara's sock yarn/US2 needles. Quick question - I found turning the heel a little awkward on the double pointed needles - is it easier to knit toe up socks on circular needles - and if so, can anyone recommend a good brand?

Saturday, 14 July 2007

New Member

Hi! My name is Karen and I'm a new member to this group. I am really enjoying knitting July's pattern ( I love knitting cables). I'm not a toe up knitter so I hope it's ok that I'm knitting them cuff down. I have started them in Sheldridge Farms Crocus colorway. I've had this yarn in my stash for about a year waiting for just such a pattern to knit it up in. Thanks for letting me join. Have a great weekend!

Serpentine Socks progress

After problems getting the pattern (thank you for resending so many times, Anni), which never arrived at my account and had to go to my dh's, I eventually found time to start.
Using Online with bamboo and 2.75 circs ,this looks like it should just fit dh. Have added a contrast cotton stretch ribbing as I wasn't going to have enough yarn to do more than 7 pattern repeats and the sock was still a bit too short.
Love the patterned heel flap!
Should be finished the pair soon.

Friday, 13 July 2007

My Serpentine Progress

Here is the progress I've made on the first sock. I'm using size 1 needles and Brown Sheep Cotton Fine. It looks good, but I'm having to take a break for a week, or so, as the tiny needles combined with so many cables are making my neck tight & painful. Its so much fun knitting the cables that this time off will be difficult!!


Hi everyone,

This is a message to all those who've e-mailed me over the last few days requesting to join. Eveyrone who's requested membership so far will be sent a Blogger invite next week and your first pattern will be the August pattern.

Sockamania is now closed for new members again. I was going to stop at 100, and with the new ones who're waiting to be added we'll be well over that. Just looked at my inbox and had a shock. LOL.

I will open up again in the future. I just want to do this step by step to make sure I can keep up with the admin.

How's everyone's socks coming along? Not too many pics yet, are you all put off by the cables? Let's see some more pics over the weekend. I won't be around much this weekend but looking forward to logging on again on Monday to see everyone's progress.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anni x

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I'm Knitting Toe Up!!

I have avoided toe up patterns. I just immediately freaked when reading about wrapping and unwrapping etc. Well finally after 30+ pairs of socks I thought it was time to give it a try. I used a Turkish cast on and it was easy. I did the increases KFB and that was easy too:-) I am to the heel of sock one and I've survived the wrapping and am ready to unwrap. I anxious to see if that goes as well.

Thank you Anni for a fun pattern and that nudge to try something different. Now I can knit your Falling In Love socks.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Another Newbie!

Stumbled across this blog whilst having a work avoidance activity (i.e. I was bored at work!)

What a fantastic idea - and thank you for letting me join in!!!

I'm in the UK, and rediscovered the joys of knitting at Christmas... (why had I not knitted for 10+ years???)

.....and boy had things changed from when I used to knit!!

I'm now officially addicted to lace and socks...not to mention supporting local economies with hand dyed yarns....

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Just Joined

Just a quick post to say thank you for letting me join this KAL. All the socks look just great, and I am eager to get going on my first pair. I'm an avid sock knitter, using 4 and 5 dp's, magic loop, and 2 circs. I have never done a toe up pair, so this will be a good learning experience for me. Thanks, again.
AND THE WINNER IS............................


Congratulations, Harrysmum. Vanessa just did the draw for me and you're the winner. I'll e-mail you. You can choose a skein of sock yarn from my Merino Collection.

We had two winners for May as it was the first month, but from now on it's only one winner a month, unless we get so big that I decide to have two winners.

Prize for July's socks ( to be drawn on 31 July) is another skein from my Merino Collection, and here's a selection


Just a quick note to say I haven't forgotten about the draw. I was on a Ladies Away Day at church yesterday and was exhausted when I got home and didn't get around to checking out the Sockamania Blog. We're off to church in a minute and then hopefully off to the beach if the rain stays away. Then this evening I'll update the June Socks list and do the draw.

To anyone who's e-mailed me over the last few days requesting to be a member. I will get back to you, its just been rather busy lately but I'll try to get more Blogger invites out by the end of the week at the latest.

I've loved seeing everyone's finsihed socks and can't believe we're already seeing finished July socks. Wow. I think we've had more socks finished in June than we did in May so that's brilliant as we had the same number of members in June as July although the membership has increased quite a bit this month. Think we had close to 70 last time I looked and more waiting to be added. I think I may pause it again at 100 though.

Anyone new members who'd like to join in with this month's pattern will have to e-mail me by 10th July, anyone requesting membership after that will get their membership activated with the August pattern, which I'm still trying to decide on btw. I've got a few ideas but can't decide yet, but I'll make it a top down pattern next time.

Happy Sunday knitting everyone!!! I'm hoping I'll be doing my Sunday knitting on the beach.

River Valley Sock in Its Native Habitat

I am certainly not getting the pair done by today's deadline. I finished the first one up by the light of a campfire last night, though I had to resort to electric light to finish the sewn bind-off. This morning, I took it on a short trek up the river for a photo shoot. Kudos to my husband, who followed me into the frigid water to take photos - without even being asked!

Thanks, Anni, for a lovely pattern. This is quite an enjoyable knit.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Finished my June socks!

I finished my June socks Thursday night and posted about them on my blog yesterday, but almost forgot to post here! Loved the pattern, and I will definitely be making it again. Thank you, Anni!

River Valley done

Finished the knitting last night and did the bind off this morning. These were knit toe-up. I started off with the figure-8 cast-on, proceeded up the foot to a short-row heel, then continued up the leg; added a few rows of ribbing and did a 'faux kitchener' bind off. Socks are really stretchy - I think I'd go down a needle size next time as I like socks just a tad tighter, but this was a wonderfully easy and relaxing pattern to knit.

I used Knit Picks Dancing yarn in the Ballet colorway. This was actually the same yarn I started the May Day socks with, but the pattern had gotten very lost in the color changes of the yarn. River Valley did much better.

Thank you, Anni, for a great sock pattern!

Onward to Serpentine!

June socks are done! Yahoo! Yippee! Sorry about the poor photo quality - but at this point I'm just gleeful!

And the milk crate - only explained byt the fact that my basement is still in my living room (water main, lots of water in my lower level....)

Fiber is Lang Jawoll Superwash with no color on the label, but I've been calling it celery.

For some reason I cannot add a title to this post.......

Thursday, 5 July 2007

July Serpentine Socks DONE!

Hi there, I'm a new member and after I've imposed a sock knitting ban on myself for some time, I was sock knitting starved!
After knitting this Cardigan I swore to myself I would not knit anything with cables or even use the word "cable" for a few month! As luck would have it, the first pattern for me was of course a cable sock! I like the look of cables, but hate to knit them. That's why the leg part's an inch or so shorter than my usual socks. I'll be posting more about it on my blog later on. I've used toe up and a heel with gusset, which was new to me.
This is a very lovely sock pattern, thank you Anni!

June socks

Knit on 2.5mm circs using lorna laces yarn. I did the foot in stocking stitch, as even on the smaller needles, 66sts is too loose for me!!

June KAL Finally completed!

I call this color Dreamsicle because of the color combination. 100 Merino hand dyed with natural colored afterthought heels (2 techniques) 2 differenct toes (1 round the other wedge) 2 different cuff colors. Addy Turbos size 2 gauge 8.5 spi.

Patricia in SC

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Done with River Valley Socks

They were knit on US size 1 needles with Jitterbug by Colinette. They fit great!

I don't have a stash of sock yarn, so I'll have to wait to start July's pattern until I can get the yarn!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

River Valey Socks Finished

I finished these socks over a week ago and always forgot to take a picture and post it to the group. I knit these cuff down and used the picot edge I'm so addicted to. It was a wonderful pattern to knit Anni and I will make more when I can. I knit one sockette with what I had left of the yarn but got sidetracked when it came to knit the second one. I still don't know if 40 g of yarn will make a pair, but I sure will try as soon as time permits.

I won't get to the August pattern for a little while yet, although it is incredibly cute! I have to finish knitting a pair I am designing for a friend. Take care everyone!

So excited for the new socks!

I finished my June socks quite early so I've been eagerly looking forward to the July socks!
Here's mine so far, finished the first toe last night, using hand dyed sock yarn by Laughing Rat (Etsy seller).

Monday, 2 July 2007

I've had a night off from MS3 to make a start on this month's socks.

I'm on a course for the next couple of days and wanted something uncomplicated for the lunch break!
The yarn is Some Hand Dyed Opal I aqauired in someone's de-stash :-)

Just sending out the pattern

I'm just in the process of e-mailing out the pattern. I'm looking into an easier way to share the pattern rather than me e-mailing all of you but that'll have to wait till next month. If you don't get the pattern please e-mail me, don't leave a message here as I may not see it. If you do e-mail me you won't get the pattern till tomorrow as I'm off to bed in a minute.

This months socks contain cables and are toe up. You can convert them easily to top down version but you got to do the heel calculations yourself as I ran out of time. Not been in a sock mood this month so it was a struggle to get them done.

Also you'll see from the awful pics, apologies for that, that the busy yarn Iused doesn't really suit the pattern all that much, another mistake I made this month. But hte pattern itself does make beautiful socks.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your socks and hope you make a better yarn choice than me. Well the yarn is gorgeous but the colour was wrong for this pattern.

Happy knitting.


I'm finished!

I have been for some days now, but it has been really busy. I have knitted mine in Regia 4-ply on 2,5 mm needles. I love them and I really love the pattern. Now I look forward to the pattern for July.

Cotton River Valley

Here are my finished RiverValley socks! This picture was taken by my 7 year old son...he was getting "artistic" on me while taking this so my feet are looming a bit :)

These were made from Fortissima Cotton Colori - 05 on size 2 needles, magic loop. I thought the color looked a little like a river valley. There is a little bit of khaki but it is a little hard to see in this photo. I finished these a while ago but couldn't find my needle to stitch up the toes. I worked these cuff down, working only 2 repeats as they are cotton. I have them on right now, the house is feeling a little bit like a meat locker to me as we bumped the air conditioning down a tad in anticipation for the hotter weather coming up this week. The socks fit great - no modifications needed at all!

Can't wait for the next pattern!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

A little delay

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a lovely weekend. The pattern for July is finished, in fact I've just typed it up, been knitting it for 2 weeks now and have no idea why it's taken me so long as it's a fairly easy pattern. Think I've just been too distracted by all the other stuff going on. I started the 2nd sock 2 days ago and already halfway up the cuff so it's quick when I put my mind to it.

As I said I've just typed up the pattern but I need a break before I proofread it again. I'm soooooo tired today. Had friends around for lunch and I nearly fell asleep afterwards so I don't trust myself to proofread in this state and I don't want to send out pattern with mistakes.

I've also got to take some more photos. It's been impossible to get photos this week with the weather we've had. I prefer to take photos outside and it's raining all hte time. It's dry now so I'll rush out and get some in a minute.

I'll try to get the pattern proofread later this evening but due to my tiredness and bad neck/back pain it may be tomorrow before I e-mail the pattern out and it may be later on tomorrow as Simon has the day off and I don't know what he has planned for the day. I hope none of you mind this little delay.

I had hoped to try a new system of sharing the pattern by using Google documents but I need to work out how to use it first. So I think I'll e-mail it out instead this time.

So get your needles and yarn ready for tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Finished Pair

Pair number 2 done and done :)
I really liked working this pattern. Although these are a gift I could definatley knit this pattern again some day for myself.
I followed the pattern to a t. I added 4 repeats on the legs as I prefer them long and they turned out perfectly!
The yarn is Paton's Kroy in Flax. Roll on the next pattern Anni!