Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Serpentine Pink

They are done. Finally.

No problems or issues with this fun pattern, rather life, the heat and my Kauni distracted me from doing these at the beginning of the month.

We will not talk about the several pairs of sockapalooza that have been relegated to the basket, shortly to take a dip in the frog pond.

These are knit from Tofutsie (great to play with when the weather is warm if you can ignore the smell) for the youngest who is an anklet fan. Since the tops were shortened, I got a bit fancier on the heels. One is completely serpentine, the other has just one snake down the side. I did change it to crossing every four rows on the second heel. Doing cables from the backside on purl rows is just too much of a pain.

Now I am looking forward to August!


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Tenniel said...

Can you let me know how I can join for September? I see you are currently closed. Would love to get involved.