Saturday, 28 July 2007

Monday is Sockamania Day

I promise, Monday morning I will send out the invitations for new members for August. I haven't forgotten. It will be odne Monday. I will also finally get around to typing up the pattern for August. I've still not finished knitting the first sock as I keep getting distracted by some gorgeous lace projects. But I will finish sock 1 tomorrow, type up the pattern on Monday morning, after I've done the invites, then test knit the pattern on sock 2 Monday pm and Tuesday. And it will all be ready to e-mail out on Wednesday. If I keep telling myself that often enough I may believe it........................... No I promise it will be ready on Wednesday!!! It will!!! Someone hide my lace shawl!!!!

I will also update the finished list on Monday too. everyone's socks are looking gorgeous. and sorry for the cabling on every 3rd row, very inconsiderate of me I know. Idon't like it either. LOL. Which is why my 2nd July sock is still languishing in the wip basket. And I only have a couple of inches to go.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. I'll be, sock knitting!!!!


Malia said...

Oh, please, please, please invite me. I've been reading this blog and drooling over gorgeous sock pictures for the last few weeks while wondering how does one join. I love to knit socks! malia1m AT yahoo DOT com

Challee... said...

Good Luck Anni !!! and don't forget to sleep a little !!

Anonymous said...

I am a failure this month, what with MS3, two other socks and school holidays, mine is still on its first heel, hangs head in shame. I promise to try harder next time ;)

busyJ said...

Finally done, just in time to start the new socks.

sockaholic said...


As an additional incentive to complete every month, how about an extra prize drawing for three months in a row? Or six months?

I am anxiously awaiting the next pattern since I bought yarn for 5 pairs of socks last weekend. Got some yummy yarns that I'd been wanting to try. Now it will just be trying to match pattern and yarn.


Anni said...

Good idea sockaholic. I'll think about it.