Friday, 13 July 2007

My Serpentine Progress

Here is the progress I've made on the first sock. I'm using size 1 needles and Brown Sheep Cotton Fine. It looks good, but I'm having to take a break for a week, or so, as the tiny needles combined with so many cables are making my neck tight & painful. Its so much fun knitting the cables that this time off will be difficult!!


~Jo~ said...

WOW! Your sock is beautiful, I was thinking of knitting mine in a very similar color! ;)

Jackie Knits said...

It looks so elegant; such a rich deep color yet the pattern shows up very well.

Anni said...

That looks beautiful. And I know what you're saying with regards to the cables and tight necks. I'm really struggling to finish my 2nd Serpentine. Yesterday I did one repeat and had to stop because of neck pain. Not sue why I designed a sock with so many cables. LOL. I got really severe neck pain and the cables does aggrevae it but I just love cables. Won't be any more cables for a while though.