Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Another newbie!

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I'm also new to the club this month (thanks, Anni, for letting us all in!). :-) I started my July sock on the weekend, and am enjoying it so far. I decided I wanted to knit for my husband, so I'm using yarn I had set aside for him--Trekking Pro Natura. This seems thinner than most sock yarns, so this combined with the cabled pattern and a man-sized foot made me nervous about the fit. I ended up deciding to add 4 stitches, making the st st rib 4 stitches wide instead of 3. This seems to fit him fine now, although it's still snug. I did the toes slightly differently than the pattern (used yos instead of wraps, it's what I'm used to) and am thinking I'll do short row heels--although I like the look of the flaps everyone else is doing, so maybe I will stick to the pattern!


sockaholic said...

How do you like the Pro Natura yarn? The color looks great.

Lindsey said...

So far the yarn has been good to work with, but it does seem to create a thinner fabric than many sock yarns. This could be good if you wanted "dressier" socks, I guess....since they're for DH, I'm afraid he's going to wear out the heels faster. We'll see!