Sunday, 15 July 2007


Hi. I'm Claudia and I am also new to this group. Thank you Anni for including the great toe-up tutorial - it really made it easy to do the toe. What's the expression I'm looking for? Oh yes. Pride cometh before a fall. If you look closely you will see that my cables, well, look like regular old cables. How did this happen???? Fresh off knitting a cable top using the no cable needle method I was all set. Problem was I only mastered one method of the technique (C4B). No problem, right. I simply use a cable needle for the C4F and all will be good. Well, about 1.5 inches into the foot I examined what pattern was emerging - and it looked like a plain cable pattern. Turns out what I thought was a C4B technique was actually a C4F. I didn't have the heart to rip out all those cables so mine will be more of a traditional cable sock. I'm using Sundara's sock yarn/US2 needles. Quick question - I found turning the heel a little awkward on the double pointed needles - is it easier to knit toe up socks on circular needles - and if so, can anyone recommend a good brand?


Anni said...

Your sokc is looking lovely. And don't worry aobut hte cables being different, it looks gorgeous.

sockaholic said...

I used 2 circs - KnitPicks or Addi Turbos.

Your sock looks great. The yarn is yummy.

Lindsey said...

Your sock looks great! If you want to try circs (I love Magic Loop, but it's all personal preference, right?), I recommend KnitPicks. They've expanded their range, too, so they have lots of lengths and sizes appropriate for socks now--and they're very affordable!