Thursday, 31 December 2009

Blueberry Orange Muffins

These socks are for a teenage relative who loves bright colors, especially orange. I did them the way the pattern said (for a change!) instead of my usual toe-up, because I wasn't sure if the braid, especially at the top, would work out upside down. I love the spiral stripes, and would use that, as well as the braid, again. Thanks, Tama.

Just in time "Friese flag" alias Peppermint sticks

I finished these while I was baking "oliebollen" a treat wich we eat with old & new year.

While I was knitting these socks it let me think of the "Friese" flag just a few red hearts on the grey and you'll have "Friese" socks. Because they are really thick and they love to skate there I called them Skate socks. Unfortunatly I had a bit short of the grey so I had to go on with the blue. These socks aren't for me because I have broad feet and a high instep so I don't get them on :-(( I'll knit the pattern again but with some more stitches. I hope they will fit me then.......

Best wishes to you all, have a very good, nice, healthy 2010.
Make fun!!

Something minty


Got mine finished on the last day of the year. Fun pattern. The first sock took me a while figuring out the continental cast-on (which I found out on you-tube is the cast on I always use but didn't know it was called that in English), the vikkel braid and the afterthought heel. The second one I finished in 2 days.

I like this heel a lot better than the short row heel which I just can't knit without getting holes. So I'm very glad you used this one in this design. While knitting the leg and foot I never thought they would fit. But this heel gives a lot of room.

I wish you all a great 2010 with a lot of sock-knitting.

Groetjes, Mirella

chocolate swrls

ok 5 frogs and one done, note to self READ the instructions!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahha! i always struggle with tension on colourwork but finally i just used size 3 needles for that part and all is well, whew! I LOVE THE PATTERN, but my frogs didnt let me finish by manana.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A couple of pairs finished, but alas, not the December pattern.

I finished the Colleseum socks from September and also the spiraling socks. I had yarn picked out for December's pattern, couldn't figure out the continental cast on (or rather didn't know what it was) and started on a hat and have knit hats the last two weeks! I like the peppermint socks, but will do them some other time.

Peppermint socks

Here are my finished socks. Actually they've been finished some time but with Christmas being so busy I wasn't able to get the picture uploaded.

These are for my daughter who prefers trainer socks so the length was shortened. I used some Lang Jawoll in my stash to make them. Thanks for the pattern Tama; I don't normally like using two colours but these were a fun knit.

I hope everyone had a happy Holiday and wish everyone a joyful and peaceful 2010

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

no-name/Collesseum socks finally done

Sorry to do things out of whack, but it takes me forever to finish a pair of socks. So, here are my September socks, done up from a hand-dyed Knitpicks sock blank. I tend to use up all the yarn in a pair, so I knit them from the toe up, changing to a needle one size larger for the leg part. And, I knit two at a time on two circulars. I will try to post more often--I've done a couple of the patterns, but like I said, it takes me a while! Thanks!!

January Sock Info.

The January Sock is all done and the pattern is ready to go.  For those of you planning to make the January sock be sure to answer your invite. as soon as you get it so that we don't skip a beat.  (Don't forget--we will be doing the "clean-up" of the membership list in January!)

You will want to have some sport weight yarn on hand--a fluffy white (I used Haneke's angora blend), and a solid color (again, Haneke's wool/linen/alpaca blend).  If you need some yarn, I have the yarns that I used listed for sale in my etsy store.

I will be posting the pattern and revealing the sock January 2nd.

Happy Knitting!

Red and Blue Swirls

I finally finished a pair on time!

I had never done an afterthought heel before, so that was an adventure :)
I reversed the braids, cables, and swirl direction so my socks would be mirrors of each other, and I think they turned out super cute!

Red yarn is Cosmopolitan from the Knitters Brewing Co.
Blue yarn is a mystery stash dive

Thanks, Tama, for such a nice pattern.

Monday, 28 December 2009

...peppermint sticks...

The socks are done. A fun and rather quick knit- but as usual I messed up! Didn't read the pattern properly, so that first braid is ....not a braid...the second braid is a double one...I reversed the direction of the cable and also the fairisle pattern on the second sock.Just thought I'd add a photo of some of our sheep- the go outside all year, and came down now when it started to snow to get some hay. They prefer to stay out! And they are all dressed in beautiful, thick wool.
Well, after all the misreadins on the socks, I decided I just had to figure out the braid- and a pair of fingerless mitts were just perfect! And now the braid went like a dream! Fun! I'll definitely be using that again on fairisle mittens/Selbu mittens.

Here's the whole set. Too small for me, but it goes into the gift basket.
  • yarn: Ida strømpegarn from Trysilgarn, 80%wool/20%nylon,50g/150m
  • circular needles, 2.5mm, and DPN's, wooden in 2.5mm
  • 100grams red, 50 grams white.
  • knit both separately and two-at-a-time(magic loop)

Happy Holidays- looking forward to a great new year!
Marit- on a snowy Norwegian westcoast...

Friday, 25 December 2009

"Pearpermint" socks...

Here are my socks for december...

I made them in green and offwhite and they turned out great I think...

As usual a great pattern...
Thanks for that and I am looking forward for januaripattern...

Have a nice holliday you all//Birgitta

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Peppermint Stick Socks

My socks are apparently "Blueberries and Cream" flavored.

Since it's rarely cold enough to wear double layer socks (we still have green grass in the yard), I knew that I wouldn't make the stranded pattern throughout the entire sock. Instead, I changed to plain stripes for the foot of the sock. Also, since I generally wear clogs, I carried the stripe/swirl pattern down and made a heel flap for the sock.

Thanks for the great pattern, Tama. I've started it again as a pair of gloves, since the braid/cable/swirl pattern looked so cute when I was putting it on my hand to make sure it was still stretchy (it was).

Yarn = leftover Lorna's Laces blue and leftover unidentified white from a dyeing project.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

December Peppermint Stick Socks Completed

My December socks are completed with plenty of time to wear them for the holidays. I used Cascade Heritage sock yarn in red and green.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

December socks

There Done! I have never done and inserted heal before. A little challanging to pick up some of the stitches but not as hard as I thought at first. I might become good at it one of these days if I do some more.LOL This was the only two colors of solid sock yarn I had. Knitpicks palett in Marine Heather and Rainforest Heather. These are a Christmas present for my teenage daughter who thinks the cuff on these is a little long for her. ha ha. Yes we live in the desert so most of the time it is very hot. Not today, it is cold and rainy. lol I think this time I didn't pull the yarn too tight when carring it behind like I have done in the past. Yeah, I'm learning! ha ha Thanks for a fun pattern and some learning to boot. Now I need to finish a few more Christmas presents for the rest of my kids. Three down, three more to go.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December Sock Pattern--Peppermint Stick

This past summer my family and I visited a living history museum. While we were in the old fashioned gift store/general store I noticed jars and jars of "Penny Candy" (of course it didn't cost a penny! It was about a dollar--inflation you know). There were all sorts of pretty colors of candy including Peppermint! I thought, "What a great idea for some socks!" (I am always thinking about yarn and knitting).

So, after our detailed "Autumn Leaves" pattern and the sturdy, masculine "Outdoorsman" pattern I decided it was time for something fun and whimsical. I realize that December is a cold month and I could have designed something "fireside", skiing, or something else more cozy than some short cuffed socks, but I think these look very cheerful and festive. I couldn't resist! In fact, you could add a row of jingle bells to the cuff or beads in the braided area and then they would be really festive!

The sock has the red and white throughout, except the toe and heel, so there is actually a double layer for extra warmth. I love incorporating double braids into everthing--hats, socks, sweaters, blankets, etc. I just can't get enough. It is such an ornate look. It looks really hard, but it's not! The pattern calls for an "inserted heel", but a "short-row" heel will also work perfectly. Any other heel and the twist pattern will be interupted.

Make your pair in your favorite "flavor"!

Cinnamon--pink and red
Licorice--black and white
Lemon--yellow and white
Orange--orange and white
Watermelon--apple green and pink
Black Raspberry--deep purple and pink
Bubble gum--pink and white
Blackberry--purple and white
Blueberry--midnight blue and white

OK. A now for a little business:

We have decided to do a little "house cleaning" here at Sockamania so that we can open the membership back up for those who are putting in requests.

This means that on January 11, 2010 we will be re-issuing memberships to all of you who have been active members--meaning posted a finished pair of socks in the past six months. When you get your invitation you will need to answer it ASAP or you won't be able to post your finished January socks. If you don't receive an invitation and have been active PLEASE notify one of us January 12th.

Anyone who has not been active will be deleted from the membership list in order to make room for those who would like to join. If you have not been active and would like to continue your membership you will need to click on the link for it, after January 11th, in the side bar and follow the instructions there. However, you will have to post a completed sock within 30 days of renewal in order to show that you are truly interested in being a member and then post no less than one sock per six month period in order to stay active. ANYONE not posting at least one sock in six months will have their membership dropped.

We look forward to seeing all of your finished socks for December!!

Thank you,
Sockamania Staff

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

November Prize Draw Winner


You are the winner of the November Prize Draw.As the winner of the prize draw may chose their prize from either Tama's Etsy Shop: The Twisted Hair (above) Or Anni's On-Line shop YarnAddict & Anni Design (below) at

Once you have made your choice, please e-mail either Anni ( or Tama and let them know that you have chosen your prize from their shop and which yarn you have chosen. Make sure you include your shipping address.

a bit late...


A bit late, but they have been done and laying beside me a couple of days... Just haven't had the time to post ;) Knitted in Regia and Sisu on 3 mm needles.
I've made these for Hubby and I have not kitted the cuff since he just use high boots...

Finished Outdoorsman Socks

I knit these with Merino 5 (a worsted weight yarn) and used size 5 needles to make these for a guy with wide size 13 feet. It is only 10:15 pm here in MN, so I hope these are in on time.

Just in Time!

I didn't start these socks until Nov. 21st, so I wasn't sure if I would make it in time. They were fun and easy to knit. Will be a present for a cousin. Yarn is Stroll Sport by Knitpicks in Cobblestone Heather and Raspberry. I'm trying to post this from a little campground on the Arizona-Mexico border; my internet signal is week, and Blogger doesn't seem to be letting me upload my photo. I will post without photo and try to add it later.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

My outdoor (wo)man socks

I finished my outdoor socks and they fit perfectly well, I casted on 54 stitches. I didn't make the double cuff, I've got no use for it.

It's a 6 ply Regia Color from my stash. My DC can't catch the right color because the blue is darker and the green is in different shades.

I think they will be really comfi and warm when I go on my walks.

Thanx Tammi, really like them.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Hi there everyone!

It has been a busy month for me, but I managed to finish the outdoor socks in time...

I did the cuff, heel and toe in black and the rest are some yarn from my stash...
A closer look...

And they fit perfect ...
Thanks for a great pattern and I am looking forward to the next one...

Have a nice day//Birgitta

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Unknown yarn from stash on US3 for MIL. Just the perfect travel pattern. MIL loves them. Thank you for for a nice pattern. Looking forward to the December pattern. Love sneak peak so we can start going through our stash.


The colour of the socks reflect our weather...grey, wet, dull... but the socks themselves are warm and cosy;-) They were done a couple of weeks ago, and were a rather fast knit.

Yarn: I've already forgot, but it's either Viking sportsragg or Sandnes Perfect...
needles: Magic-loop, two-at-a-time, 3.5mm
made for: our sheepfarming neighbour.

I'd love to use that pattern as the sole on a pair at some point- it would be so soft!

Thanks for a nice pattern, I'm looking forward to December's challenge- and have to say I like the sneakpeak;-)

Monday, 23 November 2009

My Outdoorsman

Here are my finished socks for November. I knitted these on 3mm needles (to get gauge) using King Cole anti-tickle merino in a chocolate brown colour. These will be super-warm socks for the winter months. No cuff cover as it's not needed.

Loved knitting them as they were super quick and the pattern was very easy. Thanks for yet another fab pattern Tama; I'm looking forward to the new one for December.

outdoorsman here we go

these were quick and fun, i love how the color hides! this is dashing dachs yarn in the goldfish colorway, one of my favorites. i hope we see more sport weight patterns since i love the feel of the socks. thanks

Monday, 16 November 2009

Outdoorsman in Red

These will be nice and warm - if it ever gets cold here. My 13 yos has claimed these and lovingly allowed me to snap a picture before they disappeared.

I ended up knitting these toe-up, two at a time, magic loop with some sport weight yarn that's been sitting in my stack forever. This was the first time that I've done the heels two at a time (I usually park one sock while working on the other one).

Thanks for another great pattern Tama. Looking forward to next month.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

For my outdoorman


I finished the socks. I don't know the brand of the yarn, but it is sportweight, lightgrey with some tweed. I had stashed this for several years now. These are going to be a christmas present. I have enough yarn left-over to knit the outdoorman's cuff. But first I'll first ask the one who gets these if he likes to have an extra cuff. It isn't very wild over here, so no little creatures who wants to get in your boots.

This cuff is also a good idea for socks for ice skating. Unfortunally there aren't really cold winters anymore overhere in The Netherlands for the last ten years But we keep hoping.

Thanks Tama,
Groetje, Mirella

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Outdoorsman Sock Completed

Completed my socks earlier this week, but had to find a working camera for the photo. I used Tama's lovely Haneke yarn in oatmeal. Since I decided not to include the boot cuff, and it took just under two skeins to complete.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Novembers Outdoors Man Socks

Novembers socks done and just in time. I was going to give them to hubby for Christmas, but our anniversary is tomorrow so I need to quickly wrap them up so he doesn't see them. Oh and I have the perfect paper too, the comic section of the newspaper. The socks are a darker black then what is showing up on the picture. I use a little over to skeins of Knitpicks Comfy Sport in black. They are very soft. The pattern was quick, I was able to memorize the pattern which make knitting go faster. Thanks for the wonderful pattern Tama. Now I can go on vacation, YEAH!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

October's Winner

Well done to everyone who finished the October socks. My daughter has drawn the winner and the winner is.................... Lynn. You can choose a skein of yarn from either my website or Tama's website. When you have made your choice contact one of us (me if you've chosen from my website or Tama if you've chosen from her website) and we'll get your prize posted out to you.

I love Tama's November socks. They look so nice and cozy.

Happy knitting,


Monday, 2 November 2009

Get Outside! in November

I always picture November--here where I live--as being the last chance to get out and really enjoy the outdoors before having to bundle up like the abominable snowman.

With this in mind, and with all the hunter's and outdoorsman in my life, I decided to share this pattern with all of you for our November Sock of the Month Pattern.

I used a very durable, yet very soft, yarn from Haneke Wool Fashions. It is a sport weight merino/linen blend yarn. I have several colors in stock in my store--most are masculine. However, I have a couple of more colors that I will be posting for sale later this week. Be sure to check it out if you would like to use the same yarn I did.
I added a "boot cuff" to the sock (it's optional on the pattern). Boot cuff's prevent all of the rice grasses, thorns, and burrs from finding their way into your boots. You can make it as long as you want and to the specifications of the boot wearer. Just make sure your bind off is nice and elastic so that it will fit down over the boot.
This is a super warm, super soft, and super easy sock!
The pattern is now available in our Google group. Head on over and download it so you can get started! Can't wait to see what every one comes up with!
Happy Knitting!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Just in time!

autumn leaves1

I managed to knit up these beautiful pair of socks just in time. I sew in the ends a few minutes ago ;)
I've knitted them in Zauberball - and I love the yarn!!


Friday, 30 October 2009

Finished in time!

Fun pattern to knit, thanks Tama. BTW, do you have a ravelry link for this?

also finished them

I love them
and inside out they are also very nice,

Thanks for the pattern Tama, just two days till november.
Groetjes, Mirella

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Autumn Leaves

A bit of alate start on these- my printer broke down....but now they're done. Rather a quick knit, but I struggled a while before I understood p inc! Modelled by my daughter. I used Sisu, 2-at-a-time, magic-loop, 2,5mm needles.
Thanks for taking over, Tama. Looking forward to November's pattern...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Autum Leaves

Wow! These knit up fast. I didn't think I would have time this month. I had to finish a sweater so it could go to its new home in Oregon when my sister came down for a visit. Before she left she said she would like a pair of wool socks. Hmmm, there is two weeks left I should be able to do that. So I took a skein of Anni's sock yarn and Tama October's pattern. I have never knit with out a chart, my eyes kept dancing around and I would loose my place. I stuck a ruler on the row I was on and it helped out, until someone walked off with my ruler. LOL These were fun, looking forward to Novembers Socks

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Autumn Leaves Finished

Here are my finished Autumn Leaves socks. Sadly the photo doesn't do them justice. They look much nicer when they're on.

I used Rico Design's Superba Klassik in a forest green colour from my stash. I used 2.5mm Hiya Hiya needles. This was a lovely pattern that took me just out of my comfort zone enough to keep me on my toes. Loved it! Thanks Tama for a great pattern. Looking forward to next months.