Thursday, 26 November 2009


The colour of the socks reflect our weather...grey, wet, dull... but the socks themselves are warm and cosy;-) They were done a couple of weeks ago, and were a rather fast knit.

Yarn: I've already forgot, but it's either Viking sportsragg or Sandnes Perfect...
needles: Magic-loop, two-at-a-time, 3.5mm
made for: our sheepfarming neighbour.

I'd love to use that pattern as the sole on a pair at some point- it would be so soft!

Thanks for a nice pattern, I'm looking forward to December's challenge- and have to say I like the sneakpeak;-)

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Tama said...

Great socks! I have thought of using the pattern for the sole of a sock also. It would make a soft, squishy sole!