Friday, 29 October 2010

LAST CALL for September/October Socks

Has anyone else completed the September/October Socks? Reminder that Sunday is the last day you can submit a photo of your completed Autumn Sunset socks. Drawing will be done the first of the week and the winner announced.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Two Weeks Remain To Complete Sept/Oct Socks

Reminder that there two weeks left to complete the September/October Autumn Leaves Sock pattern.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

August price

Thank you Tama!

A big yellow envelop, very soft when pushing it...


This beautiful yarn is waiting for a pattern of long socks so my feet and leggs will be kept warm this winter.
And this sunny yarn came along, all over the big blue sea, after a hard time ordering it. Luckely for me, knitting goes a lot better!
Thanks again, Tama, for the lovely price, and your patience....

Friday, 1 October 2010

Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique Tutorial

The Philosophers Wool Website has a great tutorial (video clip) explaining how to do the Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique.

After learning this technique, it made knitting fair isle easier, more fun, and best of all, no longer had to worry if I was knitting too tight and would not be able to pull the sock over my heel.

Autumn Sunset

I, too, am new at two-color knitting so couldn't get up the courage until I got to the leg. My tension is not good, but they do seem to fit. I used Socrates yarn. The heel was not easy, but the second one went faster than the first.
I joined the group in order to be challenged and this first pair certainly fulfilled that. Thanks for doing this for us and I am looking forward to the next challenge.

Autumn Sunset

This is my version of Autumn Sunset. I'm not very good at with stranded work yet so I only did the pattern at the toe and cuff - knitted toe up with a heel flap. Increased the cuff to 70 stitches and was able to get the sock over my heel. US2 using unknown cream yarn purchased from Stitches West.

I've casted on a 2nd pair of Last Leaves of Summer to continue practicing stranded knitting. I may try to cast on Autumn Sunset with US3 as Sandy and Steve did but maybe just for the cuff and leg and see if I can get it over my heel. Would love to be able to do more colors changes but way too advance for me now.

Thank you Tama for continuing to challenge me and help me improve my knitting skills.