Friday, 1 October 2010

Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique Tutorial

The Philosophers Wool Website has a great tutorial (video clip) explaining how to do the Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique.

After learning this technique, it made knitting fair isle easier, more fun, and best of all, no longer had to worry if I was knitting too tight and would not be able to pull the sock over my heel.


Sandy and Steve said...

Thanks for the link! I watched the video clip and was amazed! I ordered the full video.

Sandy and Steve said...

And the sock book too. Sigh. What can i say--I'm addicted to socks.

MariecusBruyn said...

This link helped me in the past to learn the two-handed fair isle. Previously I took the two colours in one hand and turned then forwards and backwards. It was also pretty easy and not too tight. But after a time, I had to untangle. And that problem is solved by the two-handed fair isle.
And now I'm addicted!

Jan said...

I'm having trouble trying to comment. Ignore this.