Thursday, 31 January 2008

Maybe the photo will appear properly this way....

No January Socks

I didn't make the socks this month, but wanted to stay in the group. I didn't blog for the past month, but finished 2 pairs of socks, a hat & started 2 other pairs of socks. I love seeing everyone's socks for ideas of yarn much knitting, so little time!

Mrs. C (BellaMama)


I didn't think I'd get these finished, but I haven't put them down for the last few days!
Posh Yarn Emily from last year's sock club .

Finally, caught up!

November, December and January, finally completed. Great patterns! I had more problems with November than I ever though tpossible. I bet I knit them 4 times before they were finally completed. Looking forward to February.

New Years Socks

I finished my New Years Socks just in time! Hopefully this post will make it to the blog. Sylvia in Ephraim


Finally finished a pair of socks in time. The last pair was in Oct. These were a fun knit. Had a bit of a problem "making" myself drop the stitches. LOL

I knit these in HPKY. The color is LaBoheme, 65% superwash wool, 25% nylon, and 10% donegal. I did them ML using Harmony 32", size 1 for the feet and size 2 for the cuff. They were knit toe up with a short row heel and 2 at once. I did not do the pattern on the instep as I prefer a flat sock inside my shoes. I used a sewn castoff so it would be stretchy. The skein was 100 gr and I probably have about 1/3 of it left. Maybe some ankle socks are in store for it.

Loved knitting them and can't wait for the next pattern. Hopefully I am back on track and will finish my socks when they are due.

Thanks, Anni.

(This is the 3rd time I have tried to post this, hope it goes this time.)



These have been done for over a week... and I enjoyed the quick knit: thanks, Anni!

The yarn is Natural Dye Studio BFL Dazzle sock and the colour is a sock club exclusive from last autumn. I did these two at a time on circulars and they are a good fit (I have big, wide feet!).

Looking forward to the next one!

Love the pattern, just not going to finish!

Everyone's socks look great. I've loved this pattern while knitting the first sock but unfortunately I'm not going to finish the pair this month. I'm knitting mine with a custom hand-dyed yarn from my friend Jasmine. I hope to finish soon though.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Here's January!

These don't show up very well. I knit them in Trekking #66. The muted colors worked well with the dropped stitch pattern. Thanks for another fun pattern. This was my first experience in dropping stitches on purpose!

I promise...

... to post the pic ;) It's time to do it, now... or? ;)

Yarn: Sockenwolle No.1 Panama, color 42
Needles: Bambu, 2,75 mm
More: Change the heel, 1sl, 1k... and purl the other side ;)
And, I hate to knit with selfstriped yarn!!! And I have a lot of that :( Need some more fun yarn... ... ... But the yarn look almost nice with my pants...

And - over and out for this time... I hope, and I want some goodies for my needles - yarn and pattern!!! ;)

New Year Socks done!

Well, I tried to post through Flickr, but that apparently didn't work. So, here we go again.
I really like what everybody is doing with the pattern, only my socks disappoint me greatly. I don't think the colourway and the yarn I chose work well together. And the decision not to do the pattern on the foot (I don't like lacy pattern directly on the feet in shoes) looks like it was a bad one as well. And the stitches wouldn't drop properly (and trust me, that is normally NOT my problem!). It took quite a bit of convincing them to drop. But I kind of got there in the end.
The main problem with these socks though is that they came out way too big for me. And I kept trying them on while knitting and they were ok then! I wore them yesterday and literally kept losing the socks while walking in the house. Not funny. Not at all.
So, eventhough I really, really like the pattern and everybody elses sock look fantastic, I'm very unhappy with mine. Not sure yet what to do with them. I might frog them after all. But I really don't want to. But they are way too big and I don't know anybody who would wear lacy socks and and has feet 2 sizes bigger than mine to give them to. Ah well. I'll figure something out. At least everybody else has proven that this pattern makes one gorgeous pair of socks if you don't mess it up like I did. Well done everyone!
And a big thanks to Anni for another great pattern!


New Year Socks!

This is the first pair I've finished since I don't know when!

Easy pattern - I really enjoyed it - I even made the top longer than I usually do. Lisa Souza Hardtwist Merino Petite yarn - very Koigu-like to handle.

Thanks Anni!

The lost skein

Well I did manage to get one done, and would have had sock two done too if I hadn't have lost the second skein.... dang!

Oh well once its found I'll have a pair in no time!

I used Trampoline stretch that has elastic in it, I think the I should have used something without elastic as it seems to gather the drop stitches in a bit much.

Yeah! New Member

I got my invitation yesterday but blogger went down right when I was posting. My name is Will and I have been knitting for 40 years. I teach at the LYS which for me is located in Grand Blanc, Michigan. I enjoy knitting socks because they're so portable. I am currently working on my first pair of Monkeys by Cookie. Waiting for the next Sockamania pattern.


Tuesday, 29 January 2008

done and dusted!!

January socks all finished! Thank you for the lovely comments posted about the wool it was berries colourway from angels and elephants.


what a wonderful pattern, thanks! they look like the fireworks coming down on new years day!

i used a cherry hill sock yarn that is so soft.


what a wonderful pattern, thanks! they look like the fireworks coming down on new years day!

i used a cherry hill sock yarn that is so soft.

I'm a member!

I'm so excited to be a part of this KAL! I really love the look of January's socks and may just have to buy the pattern. I cannot wait to see what is in store for February. I have 3 youngsters ages almost 4, almost 2 and 2.5 months, and treasure any knitting time I get. C'mon Feb!

New Member

Hello everyone,
I'm happy to join you for the next month. What a pity I have missed January - but then, I did have a lot of socks to knit, so I wasn't bored. But the pattern is lovely, so I might buy it :)
Happy knitting,
Bettina in Dresden, Germany

Monday, 28 January 2008

January--All Done!

Here are my January socks. The pattern was fun and easy. The yarn is some of my hand dyed. My daughter laid claim to whatever I made from this yarn so I guess these socks will be hers! She just won't get them until her birthday, which is several months away. I would have been done a lot sooner, but a sweater and another pair of "birthday" socks kept interupting me--not to mention, this terrible cold I've had for three weeks now.

Can't wait to see what's up for February!!

Sunday, sunday...

... not - Monday, Monday - if anyone remember that song from long time ago...
But on sunday evening my january socks was finished!!! Today it's monday, and tomorrow I hope it will be some light - could it be called sun? ;) - outside so I could got some picture...

I'm finish in time, and that's the best ;)

Finished In Time!

Uploading wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be.
These socks were fun to knit and comfy to wear. They're knitted in a hand dyed pink and blue yarn from Violet Green with 2.5mm dpns.
Now just got to finish the foot of the Snowflakes sock!

Ready to Wear!


yay!thanks for such great patterns :)

I am so pleased that these socks are done! It was a fun knit. Especially portable which makes for a great sock pattern for me. I love the way they look on and off the feet. Thanks, Anni. A great start to the new year.

Esther's New Year Sock 2008 done!!

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn #40
(Aqua-Brown-Purple Multi)

Needle: 2mm Size 0; Addi 40"

Pattern: New Year Sock

Start: Jan 13, 2008

Ended: Jan 23, 2008

I start a spinning class couple weeks ago and we stop at a LYS in San Franciso, I bought this yarn when I was capture with the beautiful colorway. The yarn is not as the usually sock yarn which is more like the typical Noro yarn. I got lots of tangle considering I am knitting these with one needles. I stopped for few days when I arrived the short row heels which is also my attempt to do after reading all the books and instruction. I thought I might have to do the pattern with another yarn. After few day rest, I picked it up last weekend and finished. The color is quite match so I did cut few yarns off after the heel in attempt to make them even. Well, they are done, there are 4 more days in this months, I got sock to knit.... Happy Knit Year to everyone.


Just The Tricky Bit Left!

Well, after spending most my weekend knitting I have finally finished and photograped January's socks. Now for the extremely challenging bit - trying to persuade my computer to upload the photo!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

January done!

I used Trekking XXL, double-stranded on US 5 needles to work these up quickly. Admittedly, not so pretty, but, oh, so comfy!!!

January Socks finished

Wohoo I finished the January socks! The pattern was very easy and fast to work up!! Thank you for the pattern and I can't wait to see Feb. : )

Yarn: Zitron Lifestyle
Needle: Size 2
CO~ 1/20/08


Finished some "old" sockamania socks

Here are a few of the sockamania socks that I've finished and finally was able to post:

This pair was done with LionBrand Wool-Ease.

This pair was done with Bernat Sox sock yarn:

This pair was done with Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn: Unfortunately, the yarn is quite busy so the pattern doesn't show up well.

Friday, 25 January 2008

January Socks Done

I finished my socks Wednesday night. This was a great pattern. Thanks, Anni!!

New Year Socks
Yarn - Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sock in Brightwood


No sock this month from my side

Made a really stupid mistake and realised it first at the second sock. I forgot half of the heel work!

Finished January Socks

Thanks for the fun pattern. I used 3.25 mm for the cuff and then switched to 3 mm. On the second sock I also finished from the heel down using the 2 circular needle method which I just learned and really enjoyed. The yarn is S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes 4 Ply. Thanks again.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


I am soooooooooooo bad, still working on November's socks. Doing socks is new to me, many, many do overs/lots of frogging!!! I had to finish holiday stuff , did over 30 hats as gifts, with a few sweaters and scarves thrown in. Now need to concentrate on my socks and new dish cloths. Not enough free time for me!!!!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Another January-sock is finished

I finished my pair yesterday, between my first try to spin. Very nice pattern and gourgous yarn. Anni, you fooled me the other day, when you wwere updating your blog with February's yarn, I was sooo curious, just to find out that the colours were away. He he.

I've finished my January Socks!! I can't remember the details about the yarn right now, but I know that it's discontinued.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Ta Da!

Knitting on the road! We are traveling in our little motor home for the next 8 weeks. These are for my friend Janice's birthday. The yarn is Trekking, and more of a blue green than the picture shows. Had fun with the pattern--I'd never dropped stitches on purpose before. Looking forward to February and March patterns. The next three names on my sock list are all male, so I'm hoping at least one of the patterns will be "guy" friendly.

New Year socks done

Hot off the needles are the New Year socks so much so that they lack sewing in the ends.

I moderated them a little as I don’t own a pair of 2,75 mm needles, so I opted for size 3 mm needles until I reached to the heel, where I switched to size 2,5 mm needles and continued in stocking knit.

Really love these socks, and I can’t wait till the February pattern.

Jan Socks

Thought I would add a photo. The wool was a Christmas present from Angels and Elephants, Berries colourway.

Made it this month!

Admiral yarn on 2.25 circs. Lovely pattern, Anni.
Very easy to memorise and quick to knit up.
Twiddling my thumbs waiting for next month's now!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Carry on Knitting !!

I cast on for the Jan sock last night!! Not sure I will be finished by the deadline but you never know.

Friday, 18 January 2008

New Years Sock Done!!!

Oh Wow I finished. Once getting past purposely dropping a stitch I had a wonderful time. The pattern was easy to follow. The yarn is Annie's January sock yarn. Thanks again for an other wonderful sock.

Catching up...

NewYear socks done! In my "usual" yarnchoice...Silja superwash on 2.5mm needles, just following the pattern. And finally- the SnowStars! My plan was to knit these between Christmas and NewYear'sEve, but I got sick and spent the whole week in bed or on the couch! Same yarn- Silja- ribbing and stockinette on 2.5mm needles, but the colourwork is knitted on 3mm needles. They need a little blocking... I also made a pair of fingerless mitts to go with these.
Thanks for the patterns, I'm looking forward to Februarys socks!

Have a nice day.


New Years Socks - With Time to Spare

I finished my New Years Socks this morning. Just love the pattern! I did them toe-up (as usual), with a short row heel. I also added a small gusset of four stitches on each side on the top half of the sock. I've started doing a little gusset like this to make it easier to put on lacy socks.

Notice that teeny, tiny bit of yarn? That's all I had leftover. I've never cut it this close before, but I was feeling brave.

Now, I actually have time left over to finish up my Ripple sock. I'm trying to avoid SSS and the Ripple is the last of my unfinished socks. Can't wait for the next pattern.

Special thank you to everyone who did the pattern toe-up and posted hints. I wouldn't have braved this pattern without you!

Yarn: Sockotta (cotton, wool and nylon) in color 367

Addi Turbo size 1, Magic Loop, Toe-Up



Here is my first pair for the New Years, made from a kind of thicker yarn than I usually use for socks... But oooh sooo soft. Classic Elite - Renaissance. I liked the results of this pattern! Make next months an easy one since I just cast on Knitty`s Slippery Socks. hee hee... sockergirl

I started

... the New Years socks with some lovely yarn I had. The pattern goes quickly because it's so easy to remember.

However, I'm not happy with the yarn I used, so I will be frogging. :/ (The yarn is 50-50 silk merino, and is wonderful, smooshy, and soft to touch. But it's too drapey, if I use it for socks, I need more negative ease. I'll definitely try this pattern again with a better yarn soon!)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Playing Catch up - December Snowflakes.

Flu just after Christmas scuppered any chance I had of getting these even started in time for the end of the month - but here they are now.
Knitted in Town and Country black, with an unknown German scrap from stash as the Snowflakes, on 2.25 circs (apart from snowflakes done on 2.5 dpns). Again for the girl who wants black socks with patterns that don't show in her shoes!

Enjoying the New Year and Socks

Thank you Anni,
such a wonderful pattern to start off the New Year!

The New Years Sock, knitted in Knit Picks Bare that I hand painted in November. I loved the pattern and really felt that this colourful yarn would be perfect, and it is. I did alter the heel to an Eye of Partridge.

December Snowflake Socks
I loved this pattern and will be using it next year for wonderful Christmas gift socks. I finished them a few days into the New Year, sorry I missed the deadline.

new member

Thank you for the invitation to join this group. I reside in two locations: Houston, TX for the winter (not harsh weather) and Colorado in the summer (great weather!). I love knitting socks and mostly work both at the same time on two circular needles. I've joined too late for January pattern but will buy it from Etsy site. I'm looking forward to February's pattern and new socks every month.

Happy stitching,


new member

Hi, my name is Monique, i am from Quebec Canada and wanted to say i am happy to be a new member of the sockamania club. I recently renewed with the joys of knitting and i am quickly becoming an addict. My husband is starting to complain saying i spend too much time knitting. I want to do this all day ! I am not an expert knitter like most of you members here and i hope to be able to create beautiful socks as all those i have seen on this blog. I just can't wait to receive my first pattern !

Happy knitting to all of you !

Monday, 14 January 2008

December Sock Yarn

Just wanted to pop in and say Thank You for picking my name in the December drawing.
The yarn arrived last weekend and it's so gorgeous!

I may be bowing out of this month's project as I'm finishing up wip's


chow chhh chow chow chow..............hopefully NOT in to February!!!!!

started over the weekend, hope to have done by the weekend.......bfl in "tie-dye"