Monday, 7 January 2008

I've just joined!

Hi everyone!

I've just joined - and please bare with me, here. I'm not pc savvy. I already posted but I'm not on the board and then I was...and then not if my name appears a thousand times, my humble apologies.

I have the New Year Sock pattern already cast on and some rows completed. I only learned to do socks last September and have completed 19 pairs now. This is because I've become an addict - and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

I look forward to new sock challenges through this membership.

Happy New Year - and socks! - to All!



Anni said...

19 PAIRS!!!! WOW, I think you're hooked. Welcome to the club.

Isobel said...

Told you - see you made it.

sockaholic said...

Welcome to the club. You'll feel right at home.