Saturday, 5 January 2008

New Year Socks Started

I'm loving this pattern, and the fact that it's the first time in all my years of knitting that I'm dropping stitches deliberately! *LOL*

The yarn I'm using is Fyberspates 50% merino/50% tencel in the "Rusty Spoon" colourway which I was given as part of a Christmas swap on the Knitting Haven forum. I love everything about this yarn - from the colour, to the softness, to the lovely sheen it has.

I'm using 2 x 2.5mm Knit Picks Options circs and doing my usual toe up. I used the chart on the first page of the pattern but instead of starting with a purl and ending K2, I started with a K1, then followed the pattern, and ended with a K1 so the pattern would be centred over the instep.
I did 60 rows of pattern for my foot and then my usual short row heel. On the very last row of the heel, I knit the foundation row again which put me in the right place to start from row 1 on the instep.
I hope this makes sense!
Thanks Anni for another lovely pattern. :0)


~Jo~ said...

WOW! I really like how your sock is coming along. I have never tried a yarn with Tencel, I am now curious about it. ;-)

Norfolkknitter said...

How gorgeous is that!!!

I love merino/tencel... the sheen is amazing!!!

Hanna said...

Your socks are turning out great! I am full of admiration that you can start the pattern as toe-up's when the directions are not written like it.
Have a great sockyear

Kate said...

This is beautiful, and how smart to knit toe-up.

saphire said...

Hi Linda,
Great job on your toe up socks. Absolutely love the yarn! Can't wait to see them complete.

Nui said...

Beautiful colors! How smart of you to convert the pattern to a toe up pattern.

psalm127 said...

oh it looks soo beautiful.

not just a mom said...

Linda, you inspired me to go ahead and start my sock. Apparently a dropped stitch doesn't care if it's toe-up or cuff down :)

I am so amazed that this works - I'm to the heel of sock #1!

alicia said...