Friday, 4 January 2008


Please check out the errata to the sock pattern posted in the sidebar. I'm sorry if htis mucks up your socks if you've already started. I only realised it was an error when I was reading some of the posts this morning. Instead of starting the socks off on k2, p2 rib, do p2, k2 rib as this will line the rib up with the drop stitch rib on the chart. If you've discovered the error and gotten around it by working the chart from left to right instead of right to left, don't worry too much but just double check what you're doing when you get to the heel to make sure the pattern lines up properly across the instep and top of the foot. Let me know if there are any problems.

Think this was one of those 'typing on auto-pilot' problems as it' normal to write instructions for rib starting with the knit stitches. Hope it hasn't caused any huge problems for anyone.


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psalm127 said...

Oh I just thought it was part of the pattern. ha ha. Well I will think over it today to see if I will rip it all out and start over, I am all ready going back several row to pick up a stich that was suppose to be a dropped but it didn't stop where it should have. I am leaning toward a clean start for tonight or tomorrow morning. Hey we are getting three good storms back to back so what else should I be doing. :)