Thursday, 3 January 2008

Excited to start!

Opened up the New Years sock pattern this morning, and I'm quite excited to start. I'm going to try to not dither too long about the yarn choice, though. I have just done a quick glance at my Ravelry stash and it appears I have enough yarn to do at least 20 pairs of socks right now, so I'm a bit spoiled for choice....too much to think about!

Question....I just got Cat Bordhi's New Pathways, so I'm thinking about trying to adapt this pattern to fit one of her architectures. Most of them are toe-up, so I may adapt the pattern that way. Can anyone think of any reason why this would be a problem? I'll play around and see what I come up with, if no one has a really obvious objection. :-)


Sandy and Steve said...

I have that book too, and was thinking the same thing. As long as you choose an architecture that keeps the foot increases on the sides or sole you should be okay. I've already used the Judy's magic Cast On toes, and LOVE it! Much easier than Cat's Turned Toes in her first book.

Anni said...

I agree. I love toe up socks. Don't have the book but I must get it soon. With basic toe up socks it shouldn't be a proplem.

Don't forget to keep us updated

not just a mom said...

I was wondering the same thing. Will the pattern work as written if we do it upside down? I did the ripples toe-up and they look great.

Sandy and Steve said...

The pattern should work, since it's just ribing and "holes." I guess you could work the pattern upside down instead to ber sure--start at the top of the chart and work down instead of the the other way around. I must admit I haven't started yet--I'm trying to finish up some quilting projects and getting my fabric and yarn organized. We're leaving for a 2 month trip in our little RV in a week, and I have lots of projects i want to take along.

Linda said...

I'm knitting mine toe up - I turned the heel during my lunch break in work today. ;0) - and haven't found it a problem so far.

I'm following the chart on the first page of the pattern (the one with the foundation row)but instead of starting with a purl and ending with two knit stitches, I started with 1 knit, then followed the chart, and ended with 1 knit to keep the pattern centred over the instep. I hope this makes sense!

I did 60 rows for my foot and when I got to the heel, I did my usual short row heel, but on the very last row of the heel, I knit the foundation row again, so my pattern follows on from the instep. Again, I hope this makes sense! ;0)