Friday, 18 January 2008

New Years Socks - With Time to Spare

I finished my New Years Socks this morning. Just love the pattern! I did them toe-up (as usual), with a short row heel. I also added a small gusset of four stitches on each side on the top half of the sock. I've started doing a little gusset like this to make it easier to put on lacy socks.

Notice that teeny, tiny bit of yarn? That's all I had leftover. I've never cut it this close before, but I was feeling brave.

Now, I actually have time left over to finish up my Ripple sock. I'm trying to avoid SSS and the Ripple is the last of my unfinished socks. Can't wait for the next pattern.

Special thank you to everyone who did the pattern toe-up and posted hints. I wouldn't have braved this pattern without you!

Yarn: Sockotta (cotton, wool and nylon) in color 367

Addi Turbo size 1, Magic Loop, Toe-Up



psalm127 said...

They are beautiful! Love the color

Jackie Knits said...

Very pretty. I'll have to try Sockotta - I have a skein but haven't used it yet. I'm afraid of losing the pattern detail in the color changes, but yours proves that it can work!