Sunday, 6 January 2008

New to group and casting on today

Hi i'm Lyz, I am new to this group just joining a few days ago. I printed out the New Years Socks pattern and am going to cast them on this afternoon. It looks like a wonderful pattern and I am anxious to play with dropped sts again. I haven't done dropped sts in a long long time LOL. I am using 2.25 mm dpn's and Gedifra Sportivo in colourway #5758. Very inventive name for the colour! It's a blue base with pink, and gold? and white? sort of tweeded through it, in a very long repeated pattern. It's really hard to describe but I will post pictures when I can. Thanks for letting me join this group. More socks and lace are my goals for 2008. I am looking forward to having fun with this group.

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