Sunday, 6 January 2008

my 1st pair of socks

Wooo! Hoo!!! I am so excited to share with you all - fellow sock knitters
- my very 1st pair of socks. I knitted with 4 #3 needles and the yarn is merino wool ...a give away gift from Barbara at

I used a pattern from a book borrowed from our local library. The cuff of the pattern was only an inch and a half in length. I changed it to 4". However, I am not pleased with the length. Is it possible to pick up stitches from the top of the cuff to knit them longer?

I look forward to learning and knitting lots more socks!
be encouraged


Anni said...

Well done. The socks look great. There will be no stopping you now.

Nui said...

The socks look great! Love the colors!