Thursday, 3 January 2008

January Pattern

The pattern has now been sent out to everyone. As usual I've had a string of Delivery Failure Notifications. If your e-mail address starts with hte following then your message has apparently failed. If you e-maill me I'll try again.

hat-f, pjaffe, sdrury_1 (delayed), sydney, celticcaston

If you think you haven't received your e-mail then please check the e-mail account you use for Blogger before e-mailing me.

I'm sorry for the delay in sending out the pattern this month, but I've been ill and I'm still not great but trying to stay awake today and I've managed to have a shower and get dressed so must be getting better.

Happy Knitting,


Sarah said...

The pattern looks great thank you; hope you feel MUCH better soon.

dustinac said...

Thank you for the pattern...I hope you feel better soon!!

psalm127 said...

I hope you are feeling better. The pattern and yarn arrived yesterday and both are beautiful. I was a little danted by drop stiches but showed it to my 15yr old who had been playing with dropped stiches over the summer. She explained the pattern to me so now it is full steam ahead LOL. I wond my ball last night and casted on this morning. It is bright and cheery. Thank you

Anni said...

thank you everyone. Laura, the drop stitches are really easy as you do a yo so when you unravel them they only unravel as far as your yo (yarn over) so it's a safe drop stitch.

Miss T said...

Feel better, Anni!