Thursday, 3 January 2008

I need help whit New years socks:)

I have never done chart reading before so i need a little help.

1)do i read the chart from right to left on every row?

2)what does no stitch means on the chart?

I hope i does not sound stupid whit these Questions.


quesselchen said...

Hi Maria,

that chart got me too this time - and I've read charts before, so no need to feel bad...
Read the chart from left to right for every row that shoud give a nice even knit.
As far as the "no stitch" goes - there's no stitch there in that row. The stitch between the two purl stitches is created by the yarn over (and when dropped it runs until the row where you did the yarn over) - so you just knit (or purl rather) the two stitches and ignore the dark square.

I actually find this pattern very easy and extremely addictive - it just flies of my needles - and I'm by far no expert knitter....

Hope this helps.
And there are no stupid questions.... ;)

Barb W. said...

It won't make much difference with this pattern, but unless it is noted in the directions, I would read the chart from right to left. Note the row numbers are on the right hand side.

Anni said...

You should always read the chart in the same direction as you're knitting. I hsould have made a note of that on the pattern but didn't think about it. On thispattern the chart should be read from right to left like Barb said although reading it from left to right on this pattern won't make much difference. The 'no stitch' square is basically what Quesselchen said. Because you're making an extra stitch by making a yarn over I needed to make room for that stitch in the chart, hence the 'no stitch' squares. Try not to get too technical about it. Think about it too hard and you'll get in a muddle. Remember the basic rules: one square equals one stitch. IGNORE the squares denoting no stitch on the rows when they occur, it's only there to make room for the squares where the yarn overs occur. And read charts in the same direction as you knit, so knitting in the round, read from right to left. Knitting flat, read from right to left on right side and left to right on wrong side (does't apply to this pattern though). If you still can't work it out let me know and I'll write out the instructions. Once you get going the pattern is really easy to memorise and you probably won't refer to the chart much at all.