Tuesday, 8 December 2009

December socks

There Done! I have never done and inserted heal before. A little challanging to pick up some of the stitches but not as hard as I thought at first. I might become good at it one of these days if I do some more.LOL This was the only two colors of solid sock yarn I had. Knitpicks palett in Marine Heather and Rainforest Heather. These are a Christmas present for my teenage daughter who thinks the cuff on these is a little long for her. ha ha. Yes we live in the desert so most of the time it is very hot. Not today, it is cold and rainy. lol I think this time I didn't pull the yarn too tight when carring it behind like I have done in the past. Yeah, I'm learning! ha ha Thanks for a fun pattern and some learning to boot. Now I need to finish a few more Christmas presents for the rest of my kids. Three down, three more to go.


not just a mom said...

Great socks. What a lucky daughter.

When I do an inserted heel, I use two lifelines (one on either side of the waste yarn) and then when I pull out the waste yarn, the stitches are on the lifeline. A very huge time/sanity saver.

Tama said...

They look GREAT! I am glad you enjoyed the pattern.

I love inserted heels because when the heel wears a hole in it you can just take the old heel out and knit a new one in. I can't stand darning socks!!

psalm127 said...

Wow great idea. I will have to try that next time I make a pair of socks with an inserted heal or any pattern that calles for waste yarn and picking up the stitches later.I usally only use lifelines when knitting lace.

Wonderful way to save a pair of socks. I can see that replacing the heal would be faster or less head aches than darning socks.

Lynn said...

Very nice socks. Good job!