Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Autum Leaves

Wow! These knit up fast. I didn't think I would have time this month. I had to finish a sweater so it could go to its new home in Oregon when my sister came down for a visit. Before she left she said she would like a pair of wool socks. Hmmm, there is two weeks left I should be able to do that. So I took a skein of Anni's sock yarn and Tama October's pattern. I have never knit with out a chart, my eyes kept dancing around and I would loose my place. I stuck a ruler on the row I was on and it helped out, until someone walked off with my ruler. LOL These were fun, looking forward to Novembers Socks


Tama said...

I was surprised at how fast these socks knit up also. But I am a pretty fast knitter so I thought it was just me. I finished the second sock in two days!

You did a great job! If you thought these were fast wait til you see November's!

not just a mom said...

I also have trouble when knitting without a chart - solved it by using a post-it note on the line I was knitting.

Lynn said...

Great socks. Very autumnal looking colour. Anni's yarn is scrummy, isn't it :)