Wednesday, 21 October 2009

November is Just Around the Corner--and Changes

I know you are all busy knitting away on the October pattern, but my mind is thinking about November! The pattern is almost done and I have just listed several yarns that are perfect for the November pattern in my etsy store.

The November sock is unisex. So for those of you wanting to make something up for that "Outdoorsman" in your life, or on your gift list, you will definately want to get in on making this sock! Any sport weight yarn will do, but Haneke makes a wonderful merino/linen blend that I LOVE! Super soft, but all the durability and strength of linen. Sport weight yarn means that the November sock will knit up quickly--you will probably have time to make a couple of pairs in fact!

I haven't wanted to do many changes to the KAL because it is set up perfectly. But, I do have two changes I want to make: #1. We will only have one monthly winner instead of two. I know this is not necessarily a "good" change, but the reason for it is............ #2. We will have a "GRAND PRIZE" drawing every six months. Everyone who completes all six patterns in six consecutive months and posts their socks to the blog will be put into the drawing for the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize will be a surprise! All kinds of goodies like stitch markers, needle bags, yarn, a sock pattern, etc. will show up in your mail box should you be the winner of the semi-annual Grand Prize!!!!!! So, let's get busy and get going! October is the first month and March will conclude the first six months set. At the end of March everyone who has knit all six months of patterns will have a chance to win the Grand Prize!!!!

Remember to pick up your yarn for November early so that it has time to reach you before the November pattern comes out. You will need about 350 yards of sport weight yarn for the socks.

Good luck everyone! Keep Knitting!


Sandy and Steve said...

You must be psychic! I just ordered some port yarn from knitpicks to make a pair of men's socks for a Christmas gift. Can't wait to see the pattern.

Tama said...

Oh wow! We must really be on the same page! That's great!

Sylvia said...

I haven't done a sock in sport weight, so this will be a fun new experience. One prize per month is reasonable! Thanks again for taking over the club.

Mieke said...

I am not sure if I do understand it well. For the Grand Prize, do I have to knit each pair in the month it is released or is it, for example, also okay if I knit the october socks in januari. Thanks, Mieke

Tama said...

Mieke--For the Semi-Annual Grand Prize drawing you have to knit each pair in the month that it is released.

Mieke said...

Thanks Tama,
It's a pity I wont be able to join this drawing then, I knit fast but not so fast that I can finish a pair of socks in such a short time.