Friday, 2 October 2009


For those of you who down loaded the October pattern before October first, I forgot to insert the abbreviations box on the pattern. I added it yesterday morning so it is there now.

Sorry. Be sure and note that if you have any questions about the pattern you can email them to me at I can even send pictures of a step if you are really confused.

Happy Knitting!


Nettan said...

HI i don´t understand on round 2 p inc?

not just a mom said...

I emailed Tama about that and here's the response:

When you do a purl increase you purl into the front of the first st on the left hand needle then knit into the back of the same stitch then you remove the worked stitch from the needle. This puts two stitches into one loop space--a purled stitch first and a knit stitch second.