Friday, 30 October 2009

Finished in time!

Fun pattern to knit, thanks Tama. BTW, do you have a ravelry link for this?


Barb W. said...

We used to have a Ravelry group, but it got too confusing. People thought if they were on Ravelry then they would also have immediate access to the patterns without being members of the blog or googlegroups.
Anni still has a group on Ravelry called YarnAddict Yarns & Anni Design.

BTW, your socks are beautiful. What yarn did you use?

Sandy and Steve said...

Really pretty, Sylvia! Which lucky daughter gets these?

Tama said...

Great color! They look wonderful.

Sockamania Admin said...

Sylvia, found them on Ravelry

Tama said...

I do have the pattern available on Ravelry--I am The Twisted Hare--and in my etsy store--for which there is a link here on Sockamania.