Sunday, 22 July 2007

Missing in action

Hi everyone, not been around for a few days and I'm so impressed by everyone's socks. They all look faband you all made better colour choices than me. The yarn I chose for the trial socks was far too busy. Looks okay IRL though but not in pic. LOL.

I've had a really horrendous week, with hospital appointments, dentish (for which I had to drive an hour each way, just to be told he couldn't do the treatment and to rebook for two weeks time). The reason he couldn't do the treatmenton my mouth which involved a small op and stitches etc with severe swelling in my mouth and face as a side effect was because I'm going into hospital for a small op tomorrow. I'm having a hysteryscopy and coil fitted to treat my prolonged and heavy periods (been almost non stop for 18 months now). I'm having a general anastethic. I'm okay iwth hte op but I'm not looking forward to the general anastethic as they make me feel quite ill, I've had four before. Luckily this op is very short so hopefully I hsould be okay afterwards. Last time, when I had an op on my neck (spinal fusion) I didn't wake up properly until 2am (had the op early pm) and was very ill the next day but that was a long and serious op.

Because of the awful week I've had I'm behind with lots of stuff. I've not started a list for finished July socks yet but I'll do that during the next week sometime. I've also not sent out blogger invites that I promised to get done in the last week. I'll get those done in the next week too and you'll be all set in time for August. We've got quite a few new members joining us for August. I've closed the KALfor sign ups for August now but will open it again for September.

The reason for this is that I think I've worked out how to send bulk e-mails but I just want to make sure they work before I open the KAL up again. There is well over a hundred of us for August htough. Which makes me really excited as I never dreamt it would be so popular when I started it.

Thank you to everyone for all your support and lovely comments on my patterns too.

Keep up the good work and I'll check in again on Tuesday and look forward to seeing another bunch of finished sock. And I will start the finished list in a few days and keep updating it every couple of days till the end of the month.


Chris said...

Oh, what a month you're having!! I'm sending healthy thoughts your way - and I can so sympathize on the heavy period thing. I go in tomorrow to talk to my doctor about options.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

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Monika said...

Hope everything goes well for you!

Miss T said...

Sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time. Hang in there and feel better.

Stacy said...

My thoughts will be with you, Anni. I hope everything goes as easily as possible and that you feel better soon.

Jackie Knits said...

Anni: I had a similar surgery just over a year ago and my periods are now about 1/5 of what they used to be. Unfortunately, the cramps are still there, but I can take motrin for those.
I only wish I had the surgery right after I was done with childbearing instead of nine years later!
Best wishes are heading your way!!!!

Anni said...

Thank you ladies.

sockaholic said...

Hope things are getting better in your world.