Friday, 13 July 2007


Hi everyone,

This is a message to all those who've e-mailed me over the last few days requesting to join. Eveyrone who's requested membership so far will be sent a Blogger invite next week and your first pattern will be the August pattern.

Sockamania is now closed for new members again. I was going to stop at 100, and with the new ones who're waiting to be added we'll be well over that. Just looked at my inbox and had a shock. LOL.

I will open up again in the future. I just want to do this step by step to make sure I can keep up with the admin.

How's everyone's socks coming along? Not too many pics yet, are you all put off by the cables? Let's see some more pics over the weekend. I won't be around much this weekend but looking forward to logging on again on Monday to see everyone's progress.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anni x

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