Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Not gonna make it....but I will finish!

I have lots of excuses for why I won't finish by tonight, but I have (mostly) enjoyed this pattern and will definitely finish them up very soon....just not quite in time! :-)

I started a bit late--trying to finish other projects first, mainly. I decided to make them for DH, so they were longer than if I made them for myself. I also had to add a few extra stitches to make them wide enough--the cables make for a slightly tighter fit, and they weren't going to go over his foot. Then I decided he really needs an EOP heel, because he wears holes in things so quickly. So I tried the heel several different ways before I found a variation on the written pattern that seemed to work. And then last week I had 4 visitors, so not much knitting time!

Excuses, excuses, I know...but even with all that, I'm almost at the heel on sock #2, so I'm getting close. I will post piccies when done, it's just gonna be a few more days, I think. However, I have enjoyed the cabled pattern--it's very easy to remember, and I like the look of it. Plus experimenting with the heel was a good experience for me--I've learned a few things, and am almost brave enough to think about designing my own sock now! ;-)

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