Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rollercosters still in progress

I was at this point:

and now I am at this point:

Yes, I know I haven't made much progress, although I have worked on them, and hoped to finish by the end of July.

After the first picture was taken, I knit more, but kept having trouble, in that I would forget the make1s, and end up either ripping, or fudging, just to move forward. Finally, while I was on a trip last month, I realized that the original error was in one of the first few rows, and decided to rip it all out! Once I started over, it has gone more smoothly, and I'm making progress, although having much less time to knit, however, I only have a couple rows to finish up the heel flap, and then I think it will move faster, with only pattern on the instep.
Thank you Annie for such a beautiful sock pattern! Eventually, it will be finished, although it may take a while, as we are now expecting company to arrive on Friday, and they will be staying for about a month, so I can't expect to get much knitting done.

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