Sunday, 26 September 2010

Autumn Sunset

At the moment, it looks like I'm addicted: the fair isle seems to be all I want to do. Luckely for me, Tama gave us this pattern, so I could cling on my addiction :))
I used yarn that someone wanted to throw away, but I could save it just in time. It's an old yarn, from the 'nederlandse wolfederatie' named 'Sterka'.
75% wool
25% plyamide
The yarn with the autumn colours is a leftover from Lana Grossa.

After the legg, I knitted always one row extra between the 'leaves'.
It's a size 27, another pair for my three year old. (60 stitches, 2.5mm needles)
He already wants to put them on to go kicking the leaves!

It was great fun knitting them!
Thanks Tama.


Sandy and Steve said...

I love how you spread out the pattern on the foot! Very cute socks!

Tama said...

Great job! I love fair isle knitting. For some reason it seems to go faster--I think it's just because you can see the pattern progressing. Glad you enjoyed the pattern.

MariecusBruyn said...

@Sandy: Thank you, Sandy
@ Tama: Yes! I'm not the only one! Indeed, I also think it's seems to go faster because you see the pattern growing.It comes more and more alive by every stitch you knit. Great!