Wednesday, 19 May 2010

april socks ready and a little explanation needed


Finally completed my april socks and started the new pattern. But I don't get it. I got 18 stitches per needle, on two needles so 36 for the foot but the picture says 38. I guess this has to do with the piece that starts with SP 'slip1, knit1 , yarnover, pass the slipped stitch over knit 1 and yo'. When I do this I finish with 19 stitches on one needle but the next row I just need 18. Can someone describe how to work those last three stitches on the needle.

Spring finally started overhere in the Netherlands.

Hope someone can explain and I'll try some more,

Groetjes, Mirella


Barb W. said...

I had the same problem and had to ask Tama. The chart says 38 but there are actually 36 stitches. The remaining two on the chart are the yarn overs. I finally gave up on following the chart and just stuck to the "in other words" text.

Sandy and Steve said...

Your April socks are really cute!

mirella said...

What a good night sleep can make a difference. This morning I did 'the in other words' part again and no problem this time. Think I did one yo too many last night. Let's see I can get these done in time (love a deadline)
Thanks, Mirella