Monday, 24 May 2010

I did not do the April socks. Instead I did a pair of socks from Sockamania 2007 that I had not done (the picture above). I did them in a purple color from KnitPicks.
I finished the May socks yesterday (the picture to the left). I did them a little differently--instead of the left and right twists I did the seed stitch. My twists looked like a mess so I inserted one of my favorite stitches. I knitted it in TOFUtsies yarn in a beautiful light blue. The picture shows the color well. I also had trouble with the 38 stitches vs. 36 stitches. I finally drew up a chart and put the symbols for the slip one and knit one in one square and the yo and psso in the next square. That way it lined up with the row below. I also color coded the sections so I didn't have to keep finding my place.
I was busy crocheting the blue and white rug and the black turtleback jacket in the picture top left during April. I have a few Christmas gifts I need to get done and some sweaters for my family I want to do so I don't know how regular I will be posting the next few months' socks.

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