Friday, 11 June 2010

Sockamania Policies and Updates

Every now and then we feel we should post a reminder to the group about the Sockamania policies. This is just to make sure that everyone knows what needs to be done in order to maintain your membership with Sockamania.

For new members - once you are a member, you will need to post one completed pair of the current months' sock pattern on the Sockamania blog in order to verify membership.
After that, and for current members, you will need to post at least one completed pair of Tama's sock designs in a six month period in order to remain an active member. Anyone not posting the "verifing" sock in the first month will be removed from the membership list. Anyone not posting at least one completed pair during a six month period will also be removed from the membership list.

It is also important to remind everyone that your email address and user name MUST be the same for both the Sockamania Blog and Googlegroups. Different information makes it too hard to verify members and their participation.

Effective immediately there are some changes that we need to pass on to the group. First, Pixie, who was maintaining the group lists, invites etc. has left us. The list maintenance, invites, etc., now fall to me. This will be done along with maintaining the blog. Due to this change, and to give me time to get up to speed, no new members will be invited to join until August.

Another change, that will affect everyone, is that the decision has been made to no longer have the Six Month Grand Prize Drawing. We apologize to everyone for having to make this change, but after a lot of discussion we found that even though it appeared to be a simple concept, it was causing too much confusion. The Monthly Prize Draw will remain as is, and we hope to see more participants for that draw in the future.

Don't forget that June is catch up month. Tama has posted three great patterns on googlegroups that can be downloaded. If you have been with Sockamania for a while and have a favorite pattern of Anni's that you didn't have a chance to knit or would like to knit again, you can use that too.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me and I will try to answer.

Happy Knitting,
Barb W.


pendie said...

That's a lot of work to fall on one person so it's good you're finding ways to make it easier! I'm just thrilled and grateful to be getting access to such great patterns every month

Christine said...

I agree with pendie. I love getting the new patterns, the fact that you offer them for free, and the way we can share our work with each other (because, lord knows, my husband thinks it's just weird!) The work that you all put into this club for the members' benefit is truly appreciated. Quick question: am I allowed to use the May sock for my June sock, since it's a free month?

Barb W. said...

Yes, Christine you can use your May sock for your June sock to qualify for the June draw.

Christine said...

Oh, yay! Thank you :-)