Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Wearing O the Green!

UPDATE:  Got a pic with my phone finally!
Hi all and thank you for letting me join Sockmania!  I opted as my first sox the Wearing O the Green pattern and I love it.  It works up sooooooooooo fast!  I have decided that I need a pair of these in all the sock yarn I have! LOL  Actually my daughter and her friends decided they need a pair as well.    Thanks again for all the fun.


Barb W. said...


Is this pair completed?

Margi said...

Yes, my camera died as I was taking pics. Sorry.

Barb W. said...

In order to qualify for the draw and, since you are a new member, a photo of the completed pair of socks should be posted.

I understand that things happens but in fairness to the other members of this list, please post the photo of the completed pair as soon as possible.