Tuesday, 17 August 2010

August socks

Here are my August socks. I have one sock done in fingering weight yarn. I started it and tried to do the colored pattern. I must tighten the tension so much that I couldn't get it over my ankle. So...I took it out and just did the two beginning rows and two ending rows on the graph--no leaves. I didn't try it on again until I was to the toe. Guess what? It was too tight. So I put it aside and knitted the sock in worsted weight yarn. It is a fast knit. I did not do the leaf pattern either on the leg or the heel. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft in country blue. I don't know what I will do with the other sock. Maybe undo it and knit with larger needles. I have wanted a pair of black socks but every time I try it, something goes wrong.
I have learned so much from Sockamania--first and foremost how much I love to knit socks. I am so glad that it will continue. Every 2 months will give me time to finish a pair and maybe try a second pair, too. Thanks so much!

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Sockamania Admin said...

For the best results when doing a fair isle pattern you should learn the Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique. The best tutorial I have seen is from Philosphers Wool. http://www.philosopherswool.com/Index.htm

It is very simple to do and once you learn you will never have a problem with your fair-isle being too tight again.