Sunday, 1 August 2010

Firecrackers in the Sky

I am not sure why the date and time changed on my previous post. It first said July 31st and then I went in to edit it and it changed to August 1st. At any rate it is now 8:40 p.m. Central Standard Time US. So I hope I am still OK to post and have these count as my 1st pair.


Sylvia said...

I think that the blog started off on British time!

Lovely socks, pretty yarn!

Barb W. said...

You are exactly correct. The blog is set for British time. This means that you have to be sure your socks are posted earlier than your current time to be sure they will be counted for the draw.

TrulyBlessed said...

I wasn't really worried about the prize draw, I just didn't want to get booted out of the group :). Sorry to see the group is ending though as I had been in the group before and really enjoyed it.