Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Little Flowers--A Little Late

I realize these are quite late, but I have a good excuse. I packed up my house and family, quit my job, and moved to another state. Then I spent six weeks trying to unpack, start a new job and get over a terrible cold/sinus infection.

So, anyway, here are my "Little flowers". I used some left over yarn (Tofutsies) and created a pico edge for the cuff--one of my favorite way to create a cuff.

Thanks for the pattern Anni. Unfortunately, "Fruity" is going to be a little late. Christmas projects keep getting in the way. I am sure I have no less than 15 UFO's and 4 or 5 WIP's right now. I can't wait to feel more settled in!!

1 comment:

Nui said...

Love picot edge for cuffs too. Unfortunately, I don't have any excuse that I have 3 WIP socks...