Sunday, 2 November 2008

November pattern posted

I'm sorry I forgot it was the 1st November yesterday. We've had such abusy weekend and there's been a lot of other stuff I've had to deal with so I completely forgot yesterday but I've just posted the pattern on the Google group.

Well done to everyone whos finished October's socks. They all look fab. I've been looking at them all but not had time to post individual comments for everyone but they all look gorgeous. Just got to finish my 2nd one now.

I will do the draw for the October winners tomorrow. It's getting late now and I'm so tired, was awake more than I slept last night, and I've still got to do my online grocery shopping.

Happy knitting,



Jackie Knits said...

I don't recall what the upside-down v symbol means - i think it's a double decrease, but can you confirm and let us know the proper way to execute it?
If it is in the instructions, I apologize, but I just couldn't find it.

Thanks, Anni.

Nice pattern - maybe I'll get it done this month!

Anni said...

Hi Jackie, Have checked pattern and yes the explanation for the ^ symbol was ommitted. I've changed to pattern and just about to upload the corrected pattern.

here's the explanation:
^ s2kpsso – slip 2 st tog, k1, pass slipped st over k st.

Sylvia said...

Hi Anni,

I was looking over the pattern last night and I don't see where the gusset increases are. I am not good at toe ups, so am not sure if I just read it wrong. I might try to do this cuff down since I can figure that out on my own. It looks like a fun sock to knit.