Saturday, 21 February 2009

Valentine Socks

I really did take heed when Anni said to use calm yarn, but this yarn has been in my stash for quite a while, and I remembered it as white yarn with little flecks of red. Apparently my memory is not what it once was.

Wacky yarn choice aside, this was a fun pattern; not memorizable for me, but also not something that required intense concentration.

The casual observer can't see the hearts, but I know they're there and I love this pattern. I used a flap and gusset heel and have the rib pattern all the way down the back of the sock.

Thanks Anni - can't wait for March.


junglemama said...

very beautiful

Birgitta said...

I love the yarn you use it´s lovely and it doesn´t matter we can´t see the pattern in your pic because you know its there...:o)