Saturday, 25 April 2009

3 Months of Socks

I have been doing my monthly socks, I just haven't been taking pictures and posting. So here goes, 3 months worth.

I'l start with April since that is the month we are in. These were made for a friend and I have to deliver them today so I had to hurry and get a photo of them. They are done in SockEase on a size one needle. No pattern on the instep.

Next up is March. They are Wildfoote done on size 2 needles. These were started in a sock class that I taught.

And last is Feb socks. The yarn did not do justice to the pattern but it is a special yarn that I just *HAD* to use. It is NewZealand possum and merino. It feels lusciously soft to the hand and to the foot. I love it but doubt that I will buy anymore as it cost $36 for the pair of socks. It is ok for an oddity but not for regular buy. Besides, I am not sure how it will wear. The heel is already pilling some. Well, not really pilling, but the gray possum fiber is coming out, when I take them off there is always bits of gray fuzz on them that just lifts right off.

Hopefully May's will be done on time and posted.

Happy spring to all.



Sandy and Steve said...

i love all the bright colored variegated yarns you choose. You and i have the same taste in yarns. Great socks!

Steph said...

Lovely socks! The colors are so cheery and are perfect for spring. :)