Saturday, 30 May 2009

17 May socks PFFFEEEWWW


This was a level up for me. I was used to knitting with two colors. And knitting with three isn't all that different but I lost a lot of time untangeling the yarn. I used Trekking Sport. The red was a little to bright and after I saw the blue socks I thought let's change the colors for the second sock, (also a good remedy against my second sock syndrom) I also used 2,75 mm because my ankles are a little larger than mentioned in the pattern. Next year we plan a holiday to Norway, so I know what wille be in my backpack.

Thanks for the pattern, love the result, Mirella (Netherlands)


not just a mom said...

Wow - you did the three colors on both socks! They are beautiful.

JenG said...

I like that you switched base colors. Makes them even more interesting!

Truly Blessed said...

WOW,those are really gorgeous. So festive...makes me wish for snow. I totally wimped out this month.