Monday, 4 May 2009

Sorry I forgot & new pattern

Huge apologies. I completely forgot about posting the May pattern. On Friday I was extremely busy and was out most of the day and only checked in online very quickly. Then Saturday was my husband's birthday and I was busy baking a birthday cake and cooking a birthday meal etc. Yesterday we had friends around all day and evening and I didn't go online at all and I've just remembered now that I've not posted the pattern.

The pattern is being uploaded to the Sockamania Google group as I write this. Huge apologies for making you all wait.

Here are the socks:The inspiration for this month's socks came from Norway's national day, 17 May, which is a huge celebration in Norway. Last year was my first time in Norway to celebrate 17 May since 1989 and it was freezing and some places even had some snow, which is very unusual for May. So for the socks i decided to combine the Norwegian flag and a snowflake with a traditional Norwegian 'fair isle' pattern. Some of the pattern rows include 3 different colours which is not easy. If you want you can drop the blue colour and knit those stitches white instead. Or make the socks easier by just using the rows on the chart that has 2 colours per row, ie drop the flag and snowflake rows. Or, if stranded colourwork fills you with fear, why not knit the stripes instead? Any socks with any combination of patterns from these socks will be accepted in teh monthly draw. The main thing is to have fun and challenge yourself as much as you wish. The Norwegian flag can be replaced by the snowflake motif on the same rows by the way.

All clear as mud? If you have any questions please ask them here on the blog and I'll check in regularly. All pop over to my blog to ask me questions.

Now to the April winners, well done to everyone who completed their socks. I loved seeing them all. The winners are.....

Marit and Not just a Mom
Please e-mail me on with your choice of prize yarn from my shop and address.

The May Madness Sale continues in my shop with lots of bargains left.

Happy knitting,



marbada said...

ooo, I really like this one, Thanx.

blueberries in the fields said...

hey marit, congrats ! i am happy for you :)

not just a mom said...

I'm so excited! I haven't looked at the blog; just got the new pattern and started working on it. Anni, your yarns are so yummy, it almost makes me wish we had a longer/colder winter.

Sure hope you don't get too offended by my odd interpretation of this months pattern. Finished one sock, and am planning on making a non-matching partner sock with an attempt at using three colors at the same time.

Anni said...

Looking forward to seeing them 'not just a mom'.

not just a mom said...
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