Friday, 15 May 2009

Discount Voucher

I've just uploaded a letter on the Google group with a 10% discount code that all Sockamania members can use in my new online shop. Please note that this discount is only valid on orders from my new shop,, and not my Etsy shop. I'll be adding more yarns to the shop over the next couple of weeks.

To find the discount code, log in to the Sockamania google group and download the 'discount voucher' document.

Why not download and get started on the 17 May socks while you're there.

Happy knitting,



Sandy and Steve said...

Could you post the prices in dollar amounts too, or is the new site just for Great Britain?

Anni said...

Hi, sorry the new site is only priced in British pounds but you can purchase from anywhere in the world. You can do a currency conversion on Paypal to get an idea of how much it is in dollars. I wish I could let cusotmers choose the currency but the site won't allow me to do that.

With the dollar exchange rate changing so frequently over the last year, it's easier for me to have a site that's prices in £. I know it's not going to be ideal for my US customers though.

I'll add a page later today listing the postage rates. At the moment they don't show up. I've kept hte postage rates as competitive as they were on Etsy and free shipping for orders over £30 for the UK and £40 for outside the UK.