Friday, 19 June 2009

Lazy Leaves Socks

They are done. I was going to make these with some of my stash yarn in a burnt redish color, thinking more of the Fall, but my DD said she wanted a pair with her sock yarn and it MUST have some green. She felt the brown was for the branches and the green for the leave, though this picture doesn't to it justice. DD likes her socks very short, which helped me out sense I didn't see the correction until I was almost done with the second sock. ha ha Then as I was sitting here knitting and finishing up the heal ah ha just a few rows and I will be done(Very tired and want a nap) it was then I discovered that I did the heal of this sock in just a straight st st! OH MY! they don't match! DD thought it was cool that way and told me to leave it. As tired as I was and still am, I abliged. LOL These were very fun. Next pair I make from this pattern will be with the corrections. :)


not just a mom said...

Mismatched socks are a teen dream. Love the brown for the branches idea.

Socks4Her said...

Thank you mommy very much for these sock I cannot wait to wear them more often in the winter with slippers! thank you so much for putting in your time and love into these one of a kind socks for me! Love DD!