Saturday, 27 February 2010


I made mine for Knitting with love. It wasn't really my style but I wanted to knit them.
I know for sure that there will be a girl in Romania who love them and they will make her smile for a little while in this harsh world.


Sandy and Steve said...

They are lovely! I would like to know more about Knitting with Love. I used to make socks and sweaters for Warm Woolies, but they are no longer operational. I'd love to find another worthy charity to knit for.

Marbada said...

Hi Sandy and Steve, it's a dutch knitting group and there are some volunteers who bring the knitted things themselves from Holland to Romania. So I think it will be very expensive because of the shipping to knit for this group but maybe this is something for you.
I stopped there for the same reason and because I found KWL

Tama said...

Great job. I think it's wonderful that you are donating them to such a worthy cause.