Thursday, 18 February 2010


Hi!  Everyone's February socks are looking great!  For those of you still working on them, you have until March 5th to complete your February socks.  However, the March sock pattern will come out and be available on March 1st.

Also, for those of you that have been faithfully completing each sock of the month March is the final month in this first semi-annual grand prize drawing.  At some point during the first week of April we will make the announcement of the lucky winner of this first semi-annual drawing.  So, keep knitting!  And keep reading the blog to see who wins!  The next six month period will begin with April's sock pattern and run through September's sock pattern.  (Sure does make the year go by fast when you are looking at it that way!)  For all of you who missed out on this first grand prize drawing KEEP KNITTING so you can have a chance at the drawing in September.

Good luck!  Happy knitting!

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psalm127 said...

OOOOO March's socks look great. I have one of Anni's yarns already wond into a ball and it's GREEN! So will the pattern come before the baby or the baby before the pattern? I hope the baby, but that would be a first to have the baby not be late. lol I can hardly wait for both.:)