Friday, 26 February 2010

my valentines also done


I had a little knitter's block (like in writer's block) this month so these socks took me about three weeks (normally it takes me about one week for a pair of socks). It certainly wasn't due to the pattern, that I loved. I just was not in the mood for knitting. I also choose to do the shorter version because that's more practical for me. But I think all those knee highs are beauties. After knitting half of the first leg I noticed I made a mistake. I just went on with the foot pattern so I only have hearts on the front and back. The yarn I dyed myself.
I got some light green for the March pattern. Can't believe this is going to be the sixth sock allready. I hope I get my mojo back (is that a good english expression, english just isn't my native language).

Groetjes, Mirella


not just a mom said...

I know you'll get your mojo back in March! Love the color of your socks.

Tama said...

Yes, mojo would be the correct expression :o)

They turned out great. Nice job on dying the yarn.